The Moon is an ancient symbol of the Goddess. Countless religions have recognized it with rites and ceremonies. Contemporary Wiccans often gather (if coven members) on nights of the Full Moon every 28 days for worship and magical ritual.

This doesn't mean that they worship the Moon. Wiccans see in the Moon a symbol of the Goddess, not Her face. The Moon's dramatic cycle of waxing and waning long ago attracted religious awe from peoples attuned with nature. Wiccans may admire the Moon's beauty, and may thrill to seeing it slowly rise from the eastern horizon, but they don't worship it.

The Moon is also seen as a mystic source of energy. Wiccans know that though it glows at night, the Moon possesses no light of its own. It reflects light from the hidden Sun. Because light can be equated with power, and because of the Moon's strong, proven effects on the tides and the cycles of both women and animals, Wiccans draw energy from the Moon during Esbats to further empower magical workings.

Thus an Esbat (or, more commonly, a Full Moon Ritual) is a rite involving worship of the Goddess and a magical working. In every Wiccan tradition with which I'm familiar, the worship comes first-before the magic.

I have memories of past Esbats-of the Moon setting over the ocean, creating a shimmering, dazzling path of silver light on the water as we worked simple rites on the sand. I recall candle-lit rooms dense with incense smoke and moonbeams filtering in through opened windows. To Wiccans, the time of the Full Moon is a time of sanctity and spirituality.

The ritual usually occurs at night. The circle is cast, the Goddess (and the God) is called in poetic words, with mystic music or sacred dance. A meditation or psychic session may follow, after which works of magic are carried out beneath the light of the Moon.

Afterward, the coven or the solitary practitioner frequently sips white wine or fruit juice and eats crescent-shaped cakes.

This is the Esbat-a time of reverence and magic.

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