Unwanted Lover Spell

Speaking of sex and war, there is a Tuesday-oriented spell that comes in handy for fiery young ladies. An experienced spellcaster who has increased her animal magnetism and sexual attraction frequently runs into the problem of having too many lovers. Now she needs a spell to get rid of an unwanted lover. As she is totally responsible for having created this irresistible attraction, she can also break the spell and get rid of the old lover to make way for the new.

You must call on Nai-no-kami, the Japanese god of earthquakes. Begin on the third Tuesday of the month, and at 9 p.m. enter into a quiet area; the only light must be the flame from one large, black candle. Ring a clear bell three times, and on parchment paper draw the symbol for the Sun, the Moon and the planets (see Fig. 1).

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