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For beginners in sorcery, here is a very simple love tea to make: Every night for two hours, between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m., burn an orange-red candle - sort of coral colour, not bright red and not clear orange. Light the candle and sip the tea. This is for people who are very lonely and want to establish an emotional relationship, a true love, with someone. It's a very tedious spell, but effective.

The tea starts with any blend you like, spiked with nutmeg, rosemary thyme, rosebuds, honey and lemon leaves, a small amount of each. This chemical combination has all the witching ingredients it takes for attracting a true love. Begin sipping True Love Tea on an odd number date: three, five, seven, nine et cetera, and continue for six weeks, every night. It is for people who have been alone for a long time.

You can repeat this spell many times if you want, but it takes six weeks so don't wear yourself out. Once you get the spell completed, you can reinforce it by having this tea, say, every Friday night. Friday is recommended because it's a Venus-ruled day and has to do with love activities.

You can also combine True Love Tea with the Sexual Seduction Spell (once you get the thing rolling), and do the two spells at the same time. You can even throw in an Emotional Bondage Spell, described later. There is also a love cake that's guaranteed to increase sexual vitality and to cure infidelity.

It's an Italian love cake known for over 300 years. Updating the recipe so that it's easier than starting from scratch, it is possible to use the Bisquick muffin mix. First, fry crisp a half pound of Italian sweet sausage until practically all the oil is out of it. Then season it with ginger and add a half pound of very finely chopped candied fruits. Next, add about one quarter of a package of bittersweet chocolate chips, two cups of Bisquick, a half cup of brown sugar, one egg, three-fourths cup of milk, and one-fourth cup of black coffee.

It's easiest to take the Bisquick, the milk, the egg, the sugar, the coffee and the ginger, and mix them all together. Add the sausage, then the fruit, and finally the chocolate. Bake until done in a 400 degree oven. The recipe makes fifteen small love cakes. Feed the cakes to your husband or lover over the weekend, and it will keep him in line for the next month or so. You can achieve the same effect without the love cake, but it's very difficult, and you must sustain your confidence all the time.

So, in case you weaken and doubt yourself, the cake takes over for you. You eat it, he eats it, and you can serve it to the whole family. It keeps everybody in line, but it's especially effective on your lover.

Once people start using witchcraft, they should become aware of the special dates in the year for casting spells. There are days when the position of the earth in relationship to the other planets and the sun allows for a more effective use of magnetic forces. There are special festival dates: February 2, April 30, August 1 and, of course, October 31.

The other dates are not the same every year, because the earth doesn't come back to the same position, in relation to the sun every year on the same day. Very effective times are around March 21, the vernal equinox; June 21, the summer solstice; September 21, the autumnal equinox; and December 21, the winter solstice. Get a current calendar and find out the first day of spring; certain spells are cast the night before. Also important are the nights before the first day of summer, autumn and winter.

There seems to be more force to spells cast at these times. Another thing to watch is the moon. New and full-moon days are very effective for spellcasting. Use the new moon for beginnings and the full moon for endings - either for romance. The moon dates give you twenty-four good spell days a year. The special dates and festivals give you another eight. That's thirty-two spell days a year, which ought to keep anybody hopping.

The new moon is when the moon is dark, and anything you do at the new moon should be something that you want quick results from because it's bound to happen in the next two weeks. By the time the moon is full you should get what you want. Usually the new moon spell is used for quick attractions. They're not days to use for your whole life-span project. Use the vernal equinox for the life pattern and the new moon for fun and games.

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