The Sexual Seduction Spell

Here is the formula for the Sexual Seduction Spell:

1. Find a piece of paper that is pretty and pleasing to you.

2. On this paper, write your whole name: first, middle and last.

3. Under your name, write your lover's full name. (Always write your own name first, in order to maintain control. If your lover's name appears above yours, you will be dominated.)

4. Write down your lover's birthdate, followed by your own.

5. Draw a heart around the information.

6. Repeat the information, writing it directly over the original writing, three times. It will be indecipherable when you're through, and will look like plain scribbling.

7. When you have completed the writing, fold the paper as small as possible, and burn it in the flame of a red, or orange-red candle, until it is reduced to an ash. (You need a large red candle with a large base so that it can support the burning of this paper without falling to the table.)

8. While the paper burns, chant this incantation three times:

Light the flame

Bright the fire

Red is the colour Of desire

9. Repeat the entire process every day or night for nine consecutive days. That's considered one spell. After that you use it as needed to reinforce.

Most witches save the ashes from all of their spells in a special little box. The box, because it's been used for years, develops magical properties of its own and can be used as a lucky talisman to bring good luck. Don't just take the ashes and throw them out in the trash. You must treasure these things; they're potent.

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