The Selffascination Spell

Here is a spell that delves into the very heart of witchcraft, creating power inside you by sharpening your faculties and bringing them to bear on the most important thing in your life: you. In order to increase control over others, the Self-Fascination Spell must be performed regularly. Strip nude in front of a mirror in a dark room. Light one candle of any colour except red. (Only if you're already very powerful can a red one be used.)

Raise your arms high over your head and rhythmically sway from left to right as you repeat your first name ninety-nine times, continuing to sway while you're repeating your name. The best way to do this is to write your name ninety-nine times, and then read it off, so you can keep track. Some Spellcasters use ninety-nine flower petals to keep track of their counting. For each petal you touch, say your name.

It must be an exact count to ninety-nine. When you stop swaying at the count of ninety-nine, become very dynamic and tense, much the same as when you're doing isometric exercises. Clench your fists, stiffen your muscles, brace yourself all over and repeat three times, "I control. I am the power." Blow out the candle and it's over. Cast this spell on Tuesdays and Fridays for three months, and it will never fail to improve your life. It's good for the waistline, too.

A few decades ago a popular psychologist had everyone around the world marching to their mirror every morning saying, "Every day in every way, I am getting better, and better, and better." Well, I tell myself things in the mirror, too, all the time. I've done it all my life. I look in the mirror and tell myself what everything is about. Seeing yourself puts you more in contact with yourself. We all live up in the back of our heads somewhere, but if we can become accustomed to looking at ourselves, thinking aloud, we get to know ourselves better. And what we know, we control.

Mirrors are very important in witchcraft. There's another thing single people can do with a mirror on Halloween. Go out to where you can see the moon and put your back to it so the reflection of its light will fall on the mirror. Then light a candle and put it in front of your face so you can see your face with the moon behind you. Over your shoulder will appear an image of the person you are going to marry.

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