The Money Increase Spell

Here's one that's fun, but it's not a moon spell: The Money Increase Spell. Cast this at one minute after midnight on any one of the special festival dates. You could do it at the new moon, too, but when you do the new moon money spell, it may help quickly to pay an overdue bill, but it's not going to be a life pattern. The festival dates are the best ones for that. At one minute after midnight on the festival date, you should have all set up: one gold candle, six green candles, and nine white candles. And, of course, salt. Place the gold candle in the centre of the table and circle it with the six green candles. Then enclose these inside a circle of the nine white candles. Use the salt to pour a protective circle around the candles. Light the candles, and chant three times:

Orbiting Jupiter,

Trine the sun:

Bring money on the run.

Your finances should begin to improve within nineteen days. This is your lifelong money aspect, not the spell you do with the new moon for quick money. For quick money throw brand new coins into your house, from outside, on the day of the new moon, and let them roll wherever they will. Don't pick them up for the rest of the month.

The chant is, "Money on the floor, money through the door." It's best to have mint-new coins from the bank, but it doesn't matter what the denominations. Remember, wherever they roll, don't touch them for the rest of the month. You don't have to go any further outside than far enough to put your back out of the front door so you're facing in when you throw the coins.

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