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One charm that will have a catalytic effect upon all personal relationships, and will project a romantic aura about the charmer that love objects will find irresistibly exciting, is the ancient Coleopterous Charm. Since Cleopatra's time, the coleopterous (beetle) has been a symbol for occult beginnings, germination force, power, birth, life and death - and, above all, magic.

Enchantresses insist that a Coleopterous Charm will insure a very satisfying love life. The charm should increase sexual vitality, attract many healthy, vibrant love relationships, encourage fidelity, prolong romantic desire and protect the clandestine. For all that, certainly this charm is worth considerable effort. Cleopatra knew how to prepare a Coleopterous Charm; however, the exact preparation she used has been lost. She carried it to her grave.

The Ironclad Beetle Love Charm is the most successful Coleopterous Charm since Cleopatra's. Take one live, ironclad beetle and wrap it into a small square of red silk. Place this small packet inside a tiny wooden box that has been painted bright red. Now cover the packet with one half cup of dried rosebuds. Close the lid and seal the box with wax. Place the box and its contents in the northeast corner of your home and light a tapered purple candle. Chant, "Coleopterous Magnificent, Coleopterous Blessed, Coleopterous Beloved, Coleopterous Eternal." It is not considered important if the beetle dies.

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, the saying goes, but mix in a little witchcraft just to be sure. Witches know that if you add melissa officionalis (lemon balm) to your fellow's bath, his straying will stop; he'll stay where he oughter; and a bit of anise added to the cake makes any tired old lover turn into a rake.

Figs, dates and eggs are supposed to be the sexiest foods. Oysters and fish, too. Fish is very high in vitamin E, which may have some effect on sexual activity. When a man is having difficulty getting a woman pregnant, doctors often advise increasing the vitamin E intake for her and the man, so there must be something vital in it. The Chinese eat seahorse, and they consider this the ultimate stimulant for sexual desire and potency.

As for beverages, use your imagination. You might put three drops of female blood into his coffee, or try True Love Tea spiked with booze. As an icebreaker, a whisky sour spiced with just a dash of cumin might do. Here's a hot one: Take instant coffee and heat a cup of milk for each cup of coffee; use a half spoon of instant coffee and a half spoon of chocolate - not cocoa - a teaspoon of sugar, a dash of nutmeg and a cinnamon stick. Rum, if desired.

There are dozens and dozens of spells and recipes, of course, most of them very old. But accomplished, modern-day witches, if they know the significance of the objects and process involved, often create their own. Perhaps you feel somebody has harmed you. You want revenge. One way to accomplish this is to mail, every day for nine days, the same type of flower - no return address, nothing but a flower for nine days in a row.

That causes everything they have done to you to go back to them. That's a century-old spell. Here is a fairly new one, based on the same principle: If you want to get rid of somebody, to make them go away, procure some soil from another state, and mail them a little bit every day for nine days. That will pull them towards that direction.

Or, supposing you have used the powerful card spell to hex somebody. Draw the circle layout as described in Chapter Four, and make a symbol of each of the cards you have placed to effect the hex, K for king, J for jack, et cetera. Mail one diagram a day for nine days. It will drive them crazy, if nothing else, to get that incomprehensible thing in the mail for nine days running.

Trim your hair a quarter of an inch every new moon, and it will grow in thick and luxurious. Start a new business at the last quarter, the week before the new moon. This is the most dynamic period. But to begin a new love affair, it's best to pick the quarter or the week just before the full moon, in order to have the right emotional influences.

Aside from the seasonal influences and festival dates mentioned earlier, there are some days of the week that are better than others for spellcasting, and there are specific reasons why. Saturday is a good day for casting spells connected with money, and Friday is good for emotion, but Wednesday is the best day of the week for witch spells, because Wednesday is more involved with the intellect.

We are not so much moved by passion and emotion; we're very cool, and when you are casting a spell you must be able to turn on an emotional intensity, but only enough to support some very clear thinking. It isn't good to be passionate and aroused and a bit dizzy all at the same time. Wednesday is the best clearheaded day. If you've got a case in court, for instance, it would be very good if you could get it on a Wednesday. It's that kind of day.

The days of the week are named after planets, in all languages. Sunday is derived from the sun, and Monday is moon day. In foreign countries, the same practice is followed: It's a global custom. The Chinese god, Tui, was a war god, and although our war god, Mars, comes from the Romans, we named Tuesday after Tui. The French use Mardi in honour of Mars. The Spanish and French named

Wednesday after Mercury, but we use the Germanic "Wodensday." Woden was the counterpart of the god Mercury.

Thursday is Thor's day. Thor was the god who was comparable to Jupiter and although the French and Spanish named their Thursday after Jupiter, we stick to Thor. Thor and Jupiter were the same gods in different parts of the world. Friday comes from Venus but we use the German "Freitag," the equivalent goddess. Saturday is Saturn's day. It is not only witches who set aside special days. There are certain traditional days to do certain things; all sorts of tricky things that most women know about.

A Sunday marriage is blessed and, of course, this may be why so many more people get married on Sunday than on any other day. (Sunday marriages are customary in the United States.) Monday marriages are likely to face great ups and downs and changes because of the connection with the phases of the moon. Tuesday weddings mean arguments and a bit of inconstant behaviour. (It's Mars' day, which means a lot of strife and trouble and difficulties.) Wednesday is based on commercial, level-headed values, control over emotions.

Thursday is pretty good if you want to have a swinging affair and a lot of unexpected money coming in. Friday, being a Venus-ruled day, can be a day of sorrow. Lovers face many tragic moments and they reach a point of separation and then make up again. It's a very emotional day. Saturdays are for practical people.

For example, two people marrying on Wednesday, Mercury's day, might do so for appearances or for commercial gain. A homosexual and a lesbian, for instance, might marry on Wednesday. On the other hand, Saturn's people, those who marry on Saturday, generally stick to their commitment, sometimes against all odds. They might end up hating each other, even become sexually incompatible, yet still they usually stay together.

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