Egypt's elite were known for their superior sexual ability and spicy approach to life. They would rub a special spice and herb mixture all over their lover's body in order to increase sexual excitement. There is no way now to know if their success was due to spicy, aromatic inhalation or spicy outer Habitations.

Here is the lover's magical spice and herb mixture: one teaspoon powdered cumin, the Greek and Turkish spice; one teaspoon powdered mace; teaspoon powdered sage; teaspoon powdered thyme; a pinch of rosemary; teaspoon of powdered cloves; teaspoon of powdered nutmeg and a tablespoon of powdered ginger. Grind them all together, and you have a very sexy spice. Use all new spices. Don't use anything you've got lying around the kitchen because that might impart something from a previous situation; also use new utensils. Never mix anything else in the utensils that you use for your sex spells.

A small, clear bell rung nine times will bring visitors from the outer world. A whistling teakettle insures helpful support from the other world, so you can keep a teakettle on a low flame and just let it gently whistle. This sets up the proper vibration to bring about things you want. What it actually does is constantly support your concentration and determination. It reminds you, fixes your idea firmly in mind. If you begin to think that that whistling teakettle on the kitchen stove is going to drive you wild, you're right; it will.

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