Spells And Chants

"With the pricking of my thumb, something evil this way comes, Open Locks, Whoever Knocks ..." (William Shakespeare)

Handed down from generation to generation, witchcraft is rich in ritual, especially when it comes to love. The closely guarded secrets provide a spell for every lover who ever ached for fulfillment, a potion to persuade the reluctant, a chant to enforce the powers of the mind, and even recipes to vitalize the passions.

The objects and words used in witchcraft are many and diverse, all calculated to work their own special magic, all tested and proven by their continued use from the huts in European villages of centuries ago to the voluptuous apartments of the modern era.

Even beginners in witchcraft can practise these spells. However, the success of every sorcerer is virtually dependent on his or her confidence. Old witches say that a tiny clove of garlic sewn inside a small, heart-shaped piece of silk, attached with a gold pin to the left side of your undergarments, will act for confidence, protect you from the plague, ward off evil spirits and attract energetic lovers. It's worth a try.

According to the old views on witchcraft, everyone should have a lucky charm to protect him from evil forces. Usually it is a birthstone ring. There is a ritual, a spell, for preparing this ring.

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