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Stain the parchment with eight juicy seeds of a pomegranate, then completely burn the parchment in the flame. Take the ashes and touch them to your forehead. Remain gazing quietly at the flame a full three minutes, then shout out, as loudly as you can, his name: Nai-no-kami!

Make up nine small packets, putting in each one some of the ashes from the parchment, three cloves, a soft grey feather and some sand. Extinguish the black candle. Place the packets into envelopes and seal them with sealing wax. The next day at 3 p.m., and each day until all nine are mailed, post a packet to the unwanted lover. At the end of that time, or before, he'll stop bothering you, and you'll be free for other love affairs.

15. Dream Spell

Would you like to visit a cherished friend while travelling to a dream dimension? There's a variation of the Charmed Sleep Spell for this: Draw the light, chalk, protective circle around your bed; place a large turtle under the bed and three fresh mint leaves in your pillowcase. Before retiring, light three blue candles, and let them flame for one hour. Blow out the candle, ring a bell once, and nine times whisper, "Orpheus, Orpheus, Orpheus," et cetera.

Practising witches, as we indicated, are able to create their own spells and design them for specific situations once the idea of how they work is mastered. When I was younger and more adventurous, I would set up all sorts of things to try and make something happen. Actually I was learning to spells that it projected the thought and attracted me towards condition my subconscious so thoroughly through these the thing that I wanted, however removed it was from the spell itself.

I did many little silly things. For example, I decided once that I wanted to meet a certain big celebrity. I put it in my mind that this should be done, and that once I met him many other things in my life would fall into place and begin to happen.

I performed a ritual to set up a series of events that would lead to my meeting this powerful man. After that I never went anywhere without running into him. His wife would sit next to me at the Hollywood Bowl, or I'd walk through a door and he'd be corning out. He looked startled each time, probably because I was ready to meet him. Every time he came through a door I'd react with a very strong force that probably would not have been there had I not performed the ritual, so naturally he reacted to my reaction, and before I knew it he was saying, "Hello." I didn't deliberately go anyplace where he would be. I didn't do anything physical that would make it happen. It just happened.

As for the ritual itself, I lit a candle in a darkened area, then burned incense. If you can get all your senses going at the same time you make more of an impression on your subconscious for the thing you want. I hypnotized myself into feeling that I was surrounding this man with myself and calling him into my sphere of being. I think we are all a mass of energy, and we really have no clearly defined end.

Where does my body end and the air around me begin? At which point do the molecules no longer unite into a separate entity? I don't understand the principle involved in what keeps me together so I don't understand the natural law that would prevent my leaving my body and surrounding another person, and because I am stupid I am able to do it. I can absorb things and situations. I begin feeling as if an octopus form were coming out of me, and I can surround and hug everything I want. As long as I can sustain the sensation of surrounding something, it's mine.

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