There's a special kind of energy derived from uniting with someone sexually, and a spellcaster uses so much energy that she needs a tremendous amount of uniting. I know one woman who participates in orgies regularly because she's a witch, and although I think it's weird, she doesn't seem to think it's strange at all. In order for a spell to be successful, a great deal of emotional energy must be generated, so an orgy, if done properly, can prime the pump.

The best time to cast a spell would be moments before the orgy is consummated. That's when the atmosphere is charged with electrical-magnetic impulses and tends to promote success of the attempted spell. Some Spellcasters insist that only orgies supply the type of excitement needed, and, of course, there are other Spellcasters who just enjoy orgies. Any spell can be cast; the orgy just supplies the energy to do it, and supposedly fire you up. Witches usually don't waste orgies on little spells; they do big ones aimed at the whole life pattern. To break an old pattern and establish a new direction, they'll have an orgy in which all the witches cast spells.

But these are not the typical covens that everyone talks about, with twelve women and one man. There are a lot of women and a lot of men. Some witches who aren't group-minded will cast a spell before they get into bed nude with somebody. Frequently, the lover is innocent and does not understand that he is being used for a spellcast. Often, though, he is aware.

I mean, at a time like that, what kind of a person would cast a spell? It would have to be a witch.

You've got to have all the paraphernalia dragged out and set up before you are ready to climb into bed. Usually this type of thing is better when both people involved are experienced Spellcasters who may no longer need props but are able to project a thought strongly enough without candles and incense and bells ringing - although of course they still can be utilized.

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