Isis Fullmoon Ring

There is one variation on this chant: pledging the new sorcerer not to the cosmos in general, but to the Moon, which is said to influence the emotions of women - and indeed does, considering the menstrual calendar and the changes in feelings it brings about from cycle to cycle. Not even my great-grandmother remembered why variations in chants exist - it's just that witches always have done it one way or another.

Isis is the ancient goddess of the Moon whose magic, when all is lost and you have gone down and under, will charm you once again to even higher heights. Enchantresses who perform rituals in her name are granted special favours. She is queen of witchcraft, known for her sympathetic intervention into affairs of the heart. She has never turned her face from anyone who has called her name.

For beginning sorcerers no attempt should be made to cast a spell, perform a ritual, work a charm, enchant or fascinate without the protection of the ring described, called a Full Moon Ring. The birthstone is said to offer the most protection. However, the stone that you associate with your moonsign is also highly effective. The chant variation is: "In the name of Isis, goddess of the Moon, I offer my energies as a gift of the cosmos; my soul belongs to the wind. I am the cosmos; I am the wind."

Witchcraft can be a comforting modus operandi. In spell casting, the ritual is performed in a forceful attempt to alter a moment in time, by creating a vibration within the environment that in turn will set into motion a series of events leading ultimately to the desired conclusion. Sorcery goes a giant step beyond mere positive thinking by generating situations demanding positive action, commitment.

If you would like some additional romantic action, with silver three times tap crystal, nine times ring a small cleat bell, and daylong let a teapot gently whistle. But most effective of all is candle glow. "A home with candles burning brightly will be visited by sexy woodnymphs nightly."

In the beginning, herbs were used to placate gods. Man burned herbs to release pungent aromas meant to stimulate the senses of the deity and insure favours. Herbs have been included in food, baths, spells, closets, spell potions, medical treatments, magical rites and religious ceremonies. They have been used for emotion-elevators, decorations of the elevated, and dietetic inspiration; they have been expected to honour you, dry you out, fatten you up, make you strong, protect from harm, bring him back, break the tide, cure the plague, bring in money and inhibit infidelity.

Ancient Greece bought courage with thyme, Romans cured drunkenness with parsley, and Charlemagne grew rosemary because it was known to fortify memory. The Bible says that dinner with herbs may be better where love is, but all witches know that love is frequently better when herbs are in the dinner.

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