Fullmoon Ring

On the afternoon of the new moon fill a copper bowl with earth, and place it on a square of red silk in the centre of a table. At 9 p.m. boil water in a cauldron or stainless steel pot, and cook the ring for nine full minutes. While the ring is boiling, place nine white taper candles around the copper bowl. Bury the ring in the earth. Light the candles, and as they blaze they will instantly act as agents to purify the earth inside the copper bowl.

The candles should flame brightly for ninety minutes, at the end of which time sprinkle three drops of olive oil over the copper bowl three separate times, nine drops in all. Each time chant, "My energies are a gift to the cosmos; my soul belongs to the wind. I am the cosmos; I am the wind." That makes you powerful for ever. The ring must stay in the bowl until midnight of the night of the full moon, two weeks later. At that moment place the ring on your finger. Later, bury the bowl, the earth, the candles and the silk in a garden. Then you are ready to practise witchcraft.

From that moment forward you are protected, and nobody can ever steal the ring from you without coming to harm. Wear this ring at all times. Once you start being witchy, it's a full-time job, and you need protection at all times. Always wear your ring while casting spells. Always work a spell at the same hour of day and if possible in the same location, because it's the repetition of the spell that will insure the success of it.

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