Charmed Sleep

Spellcasters use an enormous amount of energy, and in order to insure that the energy is restored, charmed sleep is essential. This is attained through a simple ritual. Place a desert turtle under your bed. Put fresh mint leaves inside your pillow-case and place a rose-tinted crystal glass filled with water next to your bed. Three bright yellow daffodils are set up at your window. Light three blue candles and let them flame for one hour while you're getting ready to go to bed. Then draw a protective white chalk circle around the bed. Once between the covers you say, "Sandoz" eight times. Sleep in the nude or it doesn't work.

Witchcraft hinges on desire, and the reason for this is that most people find it easy to become emotional about things they want, about things they love. It's difficult for them to become emotional about a dress or money. That's the whole key to it. Men who have made fantastic amounts of money do so because they can become aroused and emotionally turned-on with money. The average person can't.

If you can get your emotions going you can accomplish anything. Don't think about what money might bring. You've got to understand very clearly that once you have the money, it will bring all the things you want to buy, so there's no point in wasting your energy thinking about the end results. Start by thinking about the money. Once you turn-on for money it will start coming to you.

You eventually can arouse a desire for money once you learn how to trigger your emotions, but it takes practice. You must learn to project your emotional intensity in order to have it create the situation you want. The best way to do that is to begin with sex and love and build up slowly to money. Sex and love are easy for most people, because they naturally cause emotional energy.

When you like someone very much, when you're attracted to him, it shows. Something is transmitted by the force and power of the emotion. The thing to do now is feel that way about money or your job or your career - something other than love. Put the same forces to work, and when that happens, you get money. So you can use witchcraft for things other than love, but it takes a lot of work and is more difficult. It takes practice.

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