Candle Magic

It is well-known that certain coloured candles stand for certain things.

The colours mean something to most people who deal with this type of thing. White candles are always used for inspiration, increase in knowledge or an inner solution for a particular problem. If you want inspiration to hit, light a white candle.

Blue candles are protection against evil, and they will put a magnetic field around you if you light one. Many who set out on a trip take a blue candle along and light it every night to keep themselves safe during their journey.

A yellow candle represents spiritual love. The kind of love, perhaps, between two people with a tremendous age difference and no sexual attraction but a similarity of ideas and exchange of thoughts. It's not the flesh and blood kind of love.

An orange-red candle is for sexual activity. This is the colour that traditionally has been used for this purpose. It has to do with sexual seduction and sexual attraction spells.

Green candles are for all new beginnings, such as starting a new job or making new friends. Some witches even use green candles to keep a relationship going, because it gives another aspect to it: newness. Green is also specially good for financial security.

Black candles are for evil wishes. If you want to tap evil forces, harm someone, or just to gain control of a rough situation without necessarily harming anybody, use the black candle.

The purple candle is for contact with the spirit world, and it's good for giving psychic readings. If you want to get messages from somebody who has departed, use a purple candle.

The silver candle is to stop slanderous gossip about yourself, your friends or family. The gold candle projects good health.

Don't fool with a red candle. It's beyond sex. It's awfully primitive, and it's best not to mess with it. Not if you're a novice, anyway. Leave the red candle to full-fledged witches. Stick to orange-red for sex. It's all you'll be able to do to control the results of that!

To alter circumstances you must be intense, emotional, self-motivated and capable of obsession. That's the only way it can work. And you must understand that once you cast a spell you've set into motion vibrations that can never be erased. They can never be stopped. Something's going to happen.

Once in motion, there's no return, so you must be very brave. You may be able to alter the conclusion a bit, but things will never remain the same; they are no longer what they were. That's another difference between witchcraft and positive thinking. Positive thinking doesn't put you in danger. In witchcraft you make a complete commitment. It's like jumping off a building. You can't go halfway down and then say "Whoa." You must keep going.

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