Blood Charm

In Sicily certain modern segments of the youthful in-love society cling to a primitive belief that a few drops of blood from the lady's finger mixed with the gentleman's hot cafe royale will bind them to eternity. So potent is the supposed spell that it is not considered necessary for the gentleman to know about it. It may be dangerous to capture a man in this way unless the lady truly loves him. She must beware; the spell binds them both, and it is not to be taken lightly. Many a frivolous sweetheart discovers that magic cannot be undone, and like the thumb, the enchanter, too, is stuck.

With control, witchcraft offers a beneficial outlet for creative energy. In the ancient craft all things are unified and related, and there is no chaos.

Any time you cast a spell you should be in a small area so you can control the atmosphere easily. Don't do this in the middle of a ball park because you cannot control all the vibrations in an area that large. You'll need a small room and a table top, preferably one used only for spellcasting. Most of the equipment you use should be new, and it's suggested that you use new equipment for each and every one of your spells, lest the associations connected with old things intervene. The new witch should get new candles, new bowls, new everything.

Around the whole room sprinkle a circle of salt so that the magic act is protected inside. It's best to use coarse salt instead of the refined kind. Remain within the protection of the ring of salt for the entire length of the spell. If someone comes to the door while you're casting any spell, you should ignore it.

If the telephone rings, ignore it. Try to set yourself up so you will have as little distraction as possible. Take the phone off the hook to insure no call. You want nothing to break the continuity of your concentration, and if any disturbance should happen, continue with your spell, don't get out of it. Stay right there and block out the sounds that you hear. You must attempt to do this. Even if you're not successful in the beginning, eventually you will be.

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