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Grief Relief Audio Program

The Grief Relief Audio Program is a thoughtfully organized grief management program. 7 downloaded audio files unfold a step by step journey through enjoyable and highly effective guided techniques based on sound clinical practices. The user-friendly recordings are easy to download and access. Also included is a written pdf Guide & Instructions, as well as 3 bonuses well worth the cost of the entire program. The Management of Grief Grief Relief Teaches You How To: Put an end to Grief Paralysis Defuse consuming anger or guilt you may feel about your loss. Decrease isolation and find the support you need and deserve. Practice proven techniques that reduce stress and anxiety. Cope and make it through each day intact. Find hope that your dark despair will one day ease up. Reach for joy and happiness despite your loss. How to confront and acknowledge your grief so you pave the way for true healing to begin. An effective technique for admitting guilt and regret, and how to release it. The secret key that leads to understanding so you can get your life back. Read more...

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Contents: MP3 Audios, Ebook
Author: Jennie Wright
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Highly Recommended

I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the author was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

Back To Life! A Personal Grief Guidebook

Back to Life is a comprehensive, quality bereavement handbook. It consists of 73 pages that explore many aspects of grief in detail. There are 19 chapters or lessons, each addressing a different aspect of grief, a coping skill or a strategy for emotional survival. Here you will learn: Good, solid information on how the grief process really works. Which symptoms of grief are normal, and which are dangerous warning signs. Valuable and practical coping skills to help you get through each day. Secrets to getting a good night's restorative sleep without prescription drugs. How to endure the holidays and thoughtless visitors. How to identify and defuse anger, guilt, and regret. Family changes to look for and how to keep your family intact through this. Just the right activities and comforting rituals to help ease you through your darkest days. Tried and true psychological exercises and strategies to help lessen the raw pain. Satisfying and therapeutic creative expressions of grief. Effective memorializing techniques to honor and remember your lost loved one. How to cling to hope and move surely towards brighter days. Read more...

Back To Life A Personal Grief Guidebook Summary

Contents: 73 Pages Ebook
Author: Jennie Wright
Official Website:
Price: $17.95

Transform Grief

With Transform Grief you will get a systematic approach to replacing your grief with newfound happiness. Heres how: Your first step will be to gain the understanding that it is okay to start feeling better. Grief oftentimes makes us feel shame for being happy and through this introduction you will understand that your loss doesnt mean you have to mourn for your own life. Understand the 7 stages of grief and how you can navigate them in a healthy and productive manner. Conventionally, there have always been 5 stages of grief but this adaptation will provide you with the vital turning points experienced in the journey. Forgiveness is often overlooked when discussing grief, you will discover why and how you can forgive yourself, forgive others and most importantly, forgive the situation that got you here. Forgiveness is for you and it stands in the way of your ultimate happiness you need to move on with your life. Identify the facets of your support system that will carry you back to life as you once knew it. The smile on your face will return as joy and enthusiasm become possible again. Discover the 10 powerful actions that will help you deal with your grief in a constructive and helpful manner. Each exercise in this section will bring you one step closer to the peace you strive for. Its just one foot after the other towards resolution. Youll find out the two most important questions to answer in your grief circumstance and those answers will guide you to the finish line a world that your love every moment living in. Read more...

Transform Grief Summary

Contents: 32 Page Ebook, Videos, MP3 Audios
Author: Jason Ellis
Official Website:
Price: $27.00

Coping With Grief

In this book You will find: Real, Practical Information The things you need to know and understand to help you better cope with grief and loss. Emotional Processes learn how your mind deals with, and processes loss. Social interaction learn how to maintain your friendships and deal with social groups whilst you are grieving. How to support loved ones and friends learn how to support your family and friends without letting your stress and emotional reactions damage your relationships. Cultural Awareness understand how persons from different cultures and different religious backgrounds react to, and deal with, loss and grief. Know that each person's approach is right for them, and their background. Medical Support know when to seek medical or professional psychological support, or to encourage your loved ones to do so. Inside Coping with Grief You will find all the information with will help you understand and learn. what are the stages of grief; why you feel and react as you do, and how to cope with that. how to be kind to yourself as you grieve. ways coping with grief and loss; what are the emotional impacts of grief; what are physical impacts of grief; what to expect and how to react to a family member or friend suffering grief and loss. why grieving people act the way they do; how different cultures express and deal with grief; what are the social and family issues; and. ways of dealing with the practical issues; Read more...

Coping With Grief Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Penny Clements
Official Website:
Price: $29.99

God Of The Month The Lover

ATTIS -Attis is the consort of the Mother Goddess Cybele, Whose worship originated in Asia Minor (modern Turkey) and later became popular throughout the Roman empire. According to a central myth, Cybele was the first Being to come into existence Primordial Deity. Both male and female, Cybele contained within Herself the origins of all things. But Cybele was lonely, and desired a companion -and so She cut off Her masculine genitals and used them to create Attis -Lord of the physical world. Thus Primordial Deity divided Herself between Female (Spirit) and Male (Matter), just as in the Vangello delle Streghe. The physical world took form, and Cybele and Attis lived happily in it. But in time Attis came to die, gored by a wild boar, and went into the land of Death to become the consort of Persephone, Goddess of the Dead. Grief stricken Cybele struck a deal with Persephone, allowing Attis to spend half the year with each of Them, thus establishing the seasons and the cycle of Death and...

The Binding Of The Evil Sorcerers

I invoke you, Gods of the Night Together with you I call to the Night, to the Covered Woman I call in the Evening, at Midnight, and in the Morning Because they have enchanted me The sorcerer and the sorceress have bound me My God and my Goddess cry over me. I am plagued with pain because of illness. I stand upright, I cannot lie down Neither during the night nor during the day. They have stuffed my mouth with cords They have closes my mouth with grass They have made the water of my drink scarce. My joy is sorrow, and my merriment is grief. Arise Great Gods Hear my waiting Obtain justice Take notice of my Ways I have an image of the sorcerer and the sorceress, Of my enchanter and enchantress. May the Three Watches of the Night dissolve their evil sorceries May their mouths be wax, their tongues honey. The word of my doom which they have spoken, May they melt like wax The spell that they worked, may it pour away like honey. Their knot it broken Their work destroyed All their speech...

The Persecution Of Witches

Witchcraft Magazine

Skills ensured less painful childbirth, which was considered contrary to the curse of God that the daughters of Eve should bear children in sorrow. So midwives were a prime target for the new persecutions and were often accused of sacrificing babies to the Devil. Given the high rate of infant mortality, this allegation was hard to refute, and a grieving mother might easily blame the midwife for the death of her infant.

Sex Sorcery And Sadism

The chronicler Monstrelet says Notwithstanding his many atrocious cruelties, he made a very devout end, full of penitence, most humbly imploring his Creator to have mercy on his manifold sins and wickedness. When his body was partly burned, some ladies and damsels of his family requested his remains of the Duke of Brittany, that they might be interred in holy ground, which was granted. The greater part of the nobles of Brittany, more especially those of his kindred, were in the utmost grief and confusion at his shameful death.

Black And White Candle Ritual

This is a ritual for a new beginning after sorrow or loss. You can carry out this ritual for yourself or someone you know who is grieving or unhappy after a betrayal. It is especially healing if you are feeling angry over unjust or cruel treatment, because it can stop any guilt, blame or pain turning inwards and slowing the healing process. You may need to repeat the experience many times. This is an essentially private ritual, but if you are doing it on behalf of someone else, then you might like to invite them to share the experience. * Burn pieces of black wool, cut from a large ball with a knife, not scissors, naming each aspect of your grief and watching it bum away, piece by piece.

Mabon The Autumn Equinox

Focus A time of abundance, reaping the bounty of the Earth and of celebration for life and its gifts welcoming the waning, darker part of the year, the god in the Underworld or within the womb of the Earth Mother for letting go and if necessary grieving for what is not fulfilled


I the Preacher was king over Israel in Jerusalem. And I applied my heart to seek and search out by wisdom concerning all that is done under heaven it is a sore travail that God hath given to the sons of men to be exercised therewith. I have seen all the works that are done under the sun and, behold, all is vanity and a striving after wind. That which is crooked cannot be made straight and that which is wanting cannot be numbered. I communed with mine own heart, saying, Lo, I have gotten me great wisdom above all that were before me in Jerusalem yea, my heart hath had great experience of wisdom and knowledge. And I applied my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly I perceived that this also was a striving after wind. For in much wisdom is much grief and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.


Even though many men, Caesar Augustus i.e., Nero , have tried in their lives to pass on a large body of marvelous information, no one has been able to bring his promises to fulfillment because fate's darkness clouds the perception. I believe that I alone of all men from the beginning of our epoch have achieved something that is marvelous and understood by few. 2. I embarked on a project that went beyond the measure of human nature, and after many ordeals and hazards I brought it to a proper conclusion. 3. For I studied grammar in Asia and, outstripping everyone there, I persisted until I should get some benefit from the field. 4. Then I sailed to the highly desirable city of Alexandria with a great deal of money and studied with the most accomplished men of letters. I won praise from all for my perseverance and insight. 5. I went continually to the schools of the methodist physicians, for I was extraordinarily keen on this field. 6. When it was time to return home, my medical studies...

Foxwood Orion

Foxwood holds a master of human services degree from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and a doctor of divinity degree from Ravenwood Church and Seminary of the Old Religion, Inc., in Atlanta, Georgia. He is trained in transactional analysis. He works as a licensed professional counselor and hyponotherapist, specializing in chemical dependency, AIDS and AIDS education and public health. Foxwood also works as a spiritual counselor, especially for life passages and grief and loss.

Wyn Sargent

The Dyaks then rolled palm mats lengthwise and set them on fire. They invited Jmy to participate in the Apuar (ah-PP-ar), fire-play. This fire ceremony is done for two reasons it lights the dead-man's path to Heaven, so he can see where he is going. Also, if you burn someone's foot, it's considered funny something to cheer up the grieving family.

Rose quartz

It promotes family love and friendship, and brings peace, forgiveness, emotional harmony and the mending of quarrels. It heals emotional wounds and heartbreak, grief, stress, fear, lack of confidence, resentment and anger. Rose quartz will keep away nightmares and night-time fears. Cleanse and recharge it frequently, especially if the colour begins to fade.

Vengeance And Attack

Every mealtime you should, if possible, confront what you would consider a delicious meal either in actuality or the imagination, and sternly reject it, in favour of a morsel of food, a glass of water, and maybe a vitamin pill or two to keep body and soul together. You must keep this up for a limited state of time, beginning and ending the fast within a properly cast circle, with the circumambulations performed widdershins, against the sun, and naming your intention in the form of a curse, that victim's name so come to grief. Repeat this same curse to yourself every time you refuse food. The process should last for two weeks - beginning at the full moon, or just after, and ending at the new moon. As the moon wanes, so the dark tide flows swifter.

Meanings Of Stones

HAEMATITE -(silvery black) Gives protection, absorbs negativity, helps relieve grief or pain. RHODONITE -(pink and black) Helps healing of emotional pain, especially from loss of love or loss of a loved one. Helps requite grief, draw new love. Promotes reconciliations of parted lovers or friends.

The Waning Moon

This is for banishing magick and for removing pain, sickness and obstacles to success and happiness. It will lessen negative influences, addictions, compulsions, negative thoughts, grief, guilt, anxiety, the envy and malice of others and destructive anger that is best let go. It can also be used for gently ending relationships and stages where there are regrets but still goodwill. A gradual binding spell to divert a person from a place or person can be effective, though binding spells are often done with the power of the full moon. The Crone Goddess rules the waning moon.

Dealing With Sorrow

Dealing With Sorrow

Within this audio series and guide Dealing With Sorrow you will be learning all about Hypnotherapy For Overcoming Grief, Failure And Sadness Quickly.

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