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Zodiacal Colours And Associations

Colour silver. A cardinal Water sign, for spells concerning the home and family, especially for protection and for gentle love and friendship. Ruled by the Moon. Aquarius, the Water Carrier 21 January to 18 February. Colour indigo or dark blue. A fixed Air sign, for independence, friendship, creativity and for detachment from emotional blackmail. Ruled by Saturn in the ancient system, now by Uranus.

Three Day Candle Spell For Reconciliation

* When the candles have burned down, plan a simple non-confrontational gesture of friendship -sending a postcard of a place you both visited, an e-mail recounting mutually pleasurable news about a joint friend or family member, or a small bunch of favourite flowers. Even if the gesture of reconciliation is refused, you have freed yourself of bitterness, though you may need to repeat the ritual several times if the hurt is deep.

The Festival Of Imbolc

On a personal level, these gentle rituals can bring mental, emotional and spiritual regeneration, especially if you have been hurt or lack confidence. If you carry them out, by Easter you will be filled with new optimism and a sense of direction and hopefully any new relationships, whether for love or friendship, initiated at Imbolc will be slowly but gradually developing.

Spell Of The Month

CARNATION -Attract love or friendship, improve or deepen relationships. Promotes feeling of security and confidence. Aids in recovery from illness or difficulties. LINDEN -Draws friendship and love. Also promotes healing and rejuvenation. LOTUS -Psychic opening and spiritual growth.

There have been Witches in all Ages

They were uncanny people, but though they disliked others trespassing on their domains, they could be good friends if you were kind to them and would help you in time of need. In the Isle of Man there is the Fairies' Bridge which no 'South-sider' ever passes without saluting the fairies. This comes from the time when the North side was a separate kingdom often at war with the South.

Hermotimus of Clazomenae Soulprojection The following sort of thing is reported of

At that time the Athenians were in the grip of a pestilence. The Pythia prophesied that they should purify the city. They sent Nicias the son of Niceratus to Crete with a ship, to call in Epimenides. He came in the forty-sixth Olympiad 595-2 B.C. , purified their city, and put an end to the pestilence in the following fashion. He took black sheep and white ones and led them onto the Areopagus. From there he let them wander wherever they wanted, instructing their followers to sacrifice each sheep to the deity at hand, wherever it should cast itself down. In this way the blight was abated. As a result even still in these days it is possible to find nameless altars around the demes of Attica that are memorials to the propitiation performed at that time. Some writers say that he declared the cause of the pestilence to be the Cylonian pollution, and that he indicated how to dismiss it. For this reason two young men, Cratinus and Ctesibius, went to their deaths and the city was delivered...

Nanchuan Rejects Both A Monk and Layman

NYOGEN Silas Hubbard once said, As I grow older, I simplify both my science and my religion. Books mean less to me prayers mean less potions, pills and drugs mean less but peace, friendship, love and a life of usefulness mean more . . . infinitely more. Books are burdens to them and prayers but their beautiful excuses. They consume potions, pills, and drugs, but they do not decrease their sickness physically or mentally. If they really want peace, friendship, love, and a life of usefulness, they must empty their precious bags of dust and illusions to realize the spirit of freedom, the ideal of this country.

The Principles of Magick

In partnership with the principle of Similarity is the principle of Contact or Contagion. This principle states that things that have been in contact with each other will continue to act on each other, even at a distance, after all physical contact has been broken. Because of this, it is possible to use a person's picture, clothing, or handwriting as a magickal link. These links are often referred to as lag-locks or relics, and are of primary importance in certain spells and enchantments, especially when love and friendship are involved. As in homeopathic magick, what is done to the link will create an effect on the intended target.

The Coven And How To Form

Similarly, the eight annual Sabbats, in addition to their magical import, have always been considered as great occasions of festivity, celebrating the beginning, midpoint, and end of the seasons, the ebb and flow of the elemental tides. So if and when you form your own coven, always bear in mind that, first, Sabbats are a time of renewal of friendship and elemental power and, second, Sabbats are a time of enjoyment.

The Prophecy Of Genghis Khans Bones

The alliance of Russia and China is an uneasy one. These two countries have never been friends, always distrusted each other, fought many wars in centuries past. This same innate distrust is always operative, their ideological differences apparent, their friendship a common front until such time they achieve their goal of world communist conquest, divide the spoils, then go at each other.

The Worshippers

Descriptions of fairies given by eye-witnesses can be found in many accounts in the Middle Ages and slightly later. The sixteenth century was very prolific in such accounts. John Walsh 4 the witch of Netherberry in Dorset, consulted the fairies between the hours of twelve and one at noon and at midnight, and always went among hills for the purpose. Bessie Dunlop 5 in Ayrshire saw eight women and four men, the men were clad in gentlemen's clothing, and the women had all plaids round them and were very seemly-like to see she was informed that these were from the Court of Elfame she had previously received a visit from the Queen of Elfhame though without knowing at the time who her visitor was she described the Queen as a stout woman who came in to her and sat down on the form beside her and asked a drink at her and she gave it. Alesoun Peirsoun 6 in Fifeshire, was convict for haunting and repairing with the good neighbours and Queen of Elphane, and she had many good friends at that...


So I came to Diospolis i.e., Egyptian Thebes , Egypt's most ancient city and the location of many temples, and settled there. For it had learned and aged chief priests who were expert in manifold fields of knowledge. 13. As time went on and my friendship with them grew stronger, I inquired whether any magical power was preserved, but I had to condemn most of them for making claims reminiscent of my own premature enthusiasm. 14. One man alone did not disappoint me. He inspired trust through his self-confidence and the measure of his years. He promised to show me for myself the power of lecanomancy. 15. I urged him to come for a walk with me in the deserted parts of the city, without revealing my motives. 16. So we went off to a most peaceful grove, where I immediately fell to the ground and, weeping, grabbed hold of the chief priest's feet. 17. He was taken aback by this unexpected sight and asked why I was doing it. I told him that he had the power of life and death over me. For I...

Rose quartz

It promotes family love and friendship, and brings peace, forgiveness, emotional harmony and the mending of quarrels. It heals emotional wounds and heartbreak, grief, stress, fear, lack of confidence, resentment and anger. Rose quartz will keep away nightmares and night-time fears. Cleanse and recharge it frequently, especially if the colour begins to fade.

Circle Sanctuary

Circle Witchcraft

In 1980, Circle was recognized as a church at the federal level. The Pagan Spirit Alliance was organized as a special network within Circle Network devoted to fostering friendship among Wiccans and other Pagans through the mail. The Alliance eventually was folded into Circle Network.


Venus is also invoked for beauty, the arts, crafts and music, relationships, friendships, blossoming sexuality, the acquisition of beautiful possessions and the slow but sure growth of prosperity, for Venus rules all matters of growth. Like the Moon, she can be invoked for horticulture and the environment because she can be associated with excesses of unwise love and romance, spells can be created in her name to reduce the influence of destructive lovers and possessiveness. Also like the Moon, the spells of Venus are potent for fertility and for matters of women's health.

The Little People

All these peoples seem to be remembered by the same characteristics good friends but dangerous enemies, very strong, able to disappear at will, having great festivals at night and making use of poisoned arrows. They were persecuted or banished by the Church, which charged them with performing indecent rites and dances.

Simon Magus

After John the Baptist had been killed, as you yourself know too, Dositheus had embarked upon his heresy along with thirty other of the Baptist's leading disciples, and one woman by the name of Luna Moon . These thirty men accordingly seem to have been set up to correspond to the number of days in the moon's cycle. This Simon was eager to acquire distinction for evil. He accosted Dositheus, feigned friendship, and begged him to appoint him as a substitute as soon as any of the thirty died. For they were not allowed to exceed the established number, nor to bring into it anyone unknown or not yet proven. Hence the rest of the disciples were eager to become worthy of the position and of inclusion within the number, and to be pleasing in all regards in accordance with the institutes of their sect. It is the goal of each one of those who seek inclusion within the number to be able to appear worthy to take the place of the dead man, whenever one of them, as I said, dies. So, when a place...

The Baron

My father was a very logical man, astute in business, owned lots of property. He was good friends with the local priests. They thought that when he died he would leave them some of his property. He led them to believe this. He made contributions to the church, kept up appearances with my mother, attended Mass and other church services. For years long before they told me about my ancestor they sent me to my cousin's home after Mass each Sunday. I found out later that they had brought home the two hosts and stabbed them, after they went through a mock ceremony of the Mass, with black candles shaped like the male genitals, which both my mother and father made themselves. They called upon the devil, the Black Legion, the denizens of Hell, and at the end ritually stabbed the hosts.

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