The Dodona oracle consulted over the employment of an evocator

Christidis et al. 1999, no. 5.


To Zeus of the place and to Dione. They shouldn't use Dorios the evocator [psuchagogos], should they?

Questions were submitted to the oracle of Zeus at Dodona on lead tablets, many of which survive. This intriguing consultation-question, addressed to Zeus and his usual wife at Dodona, stands alone. Is the consulter's basic concern whether evocation should or should not be employed, or is it the choice of actual evocator? It is tempting to associate Dorios the evocator with the other great oracle of Thesprotia, the Acheron oracle of the dead (144, 150). The sanction of a respected oracle of a heavenly deity is sought for the practice of evocation.

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