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The Renunciation and Vows

The renunciation of previous errors of faith and the vows of fidelity to the new belief are part of the ceremony of admission of any convert to a new religion. The renunciation by the witches was explicit, but the records are apt to pass it over in a few words, e.g. 'I denied my baptism,' 'I forsook God and Christ,' 'Ils renient Dieu, la Vierge, et le reste,' 'Vne renonciation expresse Iesu-Christ & la foy' but occasionally the words are given in full. Mackenzie, quoting from Del Rio, gives the formula thus 'I deny God Creator of Heaven and Earth, and I adhere to thee, and believe in thee.' 2 The actual formula is still extant in the case of the priest Louis Gaufredy, tried before the Parliament of Aix in 1611

Six Incense Ritual For Love

Six is the number of Venus in her morning star aspect of love. You can use this ritual for attracting love, for deepening a relationship, consummating it or strengthening it during a difficult period, perhaps when everything appears to have got into a rut. You can alter the focus of the ritual by varying the number and type of each fragrance you use, for example whether your primary concern is to increase trust, passion or encourage fidelity (use the incense list on page 139).

Now begin your ritual

I light this incense for the increase of that love and for mutual fidelity and respect. Again you can adapt the words. A pledge of fidelity is actually a very potent way of attracting a new lover - perhaps someone who works close to you whom you have not thought of in a romantic way.

The Coleopterous Charm

Enchantresses insist that a Coleopterous Charm will insure a very satisfying love life. The charm should increase sexual vitality, attract many healthy, vibrant love relationships, encourage fidelity, prolong romantic desire and protect the clandestine. For all that, certainly this charm is worth considerable effort. Cleopatra knew how to prepare a Coleopterous Charm however, the exact preparation she used has been lost. She carried it to her grave.

From Malleus Maleficarum

Malleus Maleficarum

The method by which they profess their sacrilege through an open pact of fidelity to devils varies according to the several practices to which different witches are addicted. And to understand this it first must be noted that there are, as was shown in The First Part of the treatise, three kinds of witches namely, those who injure but cannot

Tea Spells and Superstitions

A similar divination method, which was popular in Victorian-era England, was carried out to determine the fidelity of one's lover. A wet tea stalk or long tea leaf would be placed in the palm of the right hand, and then both hands would be clapped together once. If the tea stalk or leaf remained stuck

Oils and Incenses in Magick

Marjoram Marjoram is an oil that relieves loneliness and a sense of isolation and alienation, awaking empathy with others. It is an oil of enduring love and fidelity. Neroli This is orange-blossom oil, symbol of marriage, committed relationships and fidelity, fertility, sensuality and self-esteem. It prevents moods swings, crises of confidence and panic attacks. Rose This is an oil of fidelity, happiness, partnerships and gentle healing, love and especially self-love.

Deities Of Marriage

Frigg was the Viking Mother Goddess whose jewelled spinning wheel formed Orion's belt as patroness of marriage, women, mothers and families, she can be invoked for all rituals concerned with families and domestic happiness. She invited devoted husbands and wives to her hall after death so that they might never be parted again and so is goddess of fidelity. Hera, the wife-sister of Zeus, is a the supreme Greek goddess of protection, marriage and childbirth whose sacred bird is the peacock. She is a powerful deity of fidelity and is called upon by women seeking revenge upon unfaithful partners.


THE exact order of the ceremonies is never given and probably varied in different localities, but the general rule of the ritual at the Sabbath seems to have been that proceedings began by the worshippers paying homage to the Devil, who sat or stood in a convenient place. The homage consisted in renewing the vows of fidelity and obedience, in kissing the Devil on any part of his person that he chose to indicate, and sometimes in turning a certain number of times widdershins. Then followed the reports of all magic worked since the previous Sabbath, either by individuals or at the Esbats, and at the same time the witches consulted the Master as to their cases and received instructions from him how to proceed after which came admissions to the society or marriages of the members. This ended the business part of the meeting. Immediately after all the business was transacted, the religious service was celebrated, the ceremonial of which varied according to the season of the year and it was...

Wagickat Herb Lore

In the Victorian language of flowers, the following plants speak of love in the following ways ambrosia (love returned), bridal rose (marriage), coreopsis (love at first sight), forget-me-not (true love, forget me not), ivy (marriage and fidelity), lemon blossom (fidelity in love), linden (conjugal love), lotus flower (estranged love), moss (maternal love), motherwort (concealed love), myrtle (love), pink carnation (woman's love), rose (love), yellow acacia (secret love), yellow tulip (hopeless love).


Together with Jupiter and Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, she made up the triumvirate of deities who made decisions about humankind and especially Roman affairs. Her month, June, is most fortunate for marriage and, like Hera, her Greek equivalent, her sacred creature is the peacock. She is invoked in sex magick as well as for all matters concerning marriage, children, fidelity and wise counsel.

The Full Moon

Full moon magick is good for any immediate need, for a sudden boost of power or courage, for a change of career, location or for travel, psychic protection, healing acute medical conditions, for a large sum of money needed urgently, the consummation of love or for making a permanent love commitment, for fidelity spells, especially if a relationship is looking shaky, for justice, ambition and promotion.

Binding Magick

Binding magick has two functions, one to bind a person in love or fidelity and the other to bind another from doing harm. This may be done in various ways, using knots in a symbolic thread, or by creating an image of the object or person and wrapping it tightly. But all binding can be problematic in terms of white magick, for whatever method you use, you are very definitely interfering with the


Thursday, the day of Jupiter, is good for all forms of increase and expansion, whether improving fortune or career prospects or bringing promotion, power, ambition and joy through fulfilment of objectives. Jupiter's influence may be personal or more usually socially orientated it is also potent for leadership, for conscious wisdom, creativity, for extending one's influence in the wider world, for idealism, matters of justice and the law, authority and altruism. Jupiter increases what already exists, so can bring greater prosperity and abundance or success and good fortune. It rules marriage, permanent relationships (both business and personal), fidelity, loyalty and male potency in both the human and animal kingdom.

Symbols Of Magick

You may include a thimble to symbolise domestic affairs, a tiny padlock for security at home, a wooden toy boat for travel, a silver locket for fidelity, a key charm for a house, tiny painted wooden eggs for fertility in any venture - just to suggest a few. You can also use small fabric dolls to represent people, for example in a love spell.

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Lessons From The Intelligent Investor

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