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"They (the witches) are sincere in a satanic belief that theirs is the ancient religion of Britain; they claim it is older than, and superior to, Christianity."

That paragraph appeared in a series of articles on witchcraft printed by a Sunday newspaper. It is perfectly true. I am a witch, and that is what I believe.

The only word I would disagree with is the word "satanic". Whether or not my religion is superior to Christianity is a matter of opinion, but that it is much older is a matter of fact, as eminent anthropologists will tell you.

So why do people persist in accusing me of worshipping the Devil? The idea of the Devil is something belonging to Christianity; the scapegoat which men have invented to excuse their own follies and crimes. I don't believe in the Devil, so how could I worship him?

Whom, then, do the witches really worship. They worship the ancient Gods of this land of Britain, whose tradition is rooted deep in British soil. The Old Gods are not dead, as I know by experience.

During the last war a witch coven invoked the Old Gods to protect this land from Hitler's threatened invasion, even as their forefathers had done against Napoleon and, earlier still, against the Spanish Armada—or so the tale is handed down to us.

I have seen them invoked for many purposes and have invoked them myself; but I have never seen them invoked for a bad purpose. And these purposes have been so often achieved that to call, it coincidence, as many will, would, if they knew all the details, require a greater effort of credulity than to believe that there's something in it.

You want to know how these ceremonies are performed? Well. I can tell you this, that they are not performed with ridiculous obscenities so often attributed to them.

How many witches are there in Britain? Very few genuine ones, and

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