a fine fellow he was. However, it was still a long time before the rule of the old matriarch gave way to patriarchy; that the understanding of the facts of procreation brought into prominence the male, phallic deity as "Opener of the Door of Life." The Great Mother acquired a partner; but he was not yet her lord.

Between the idea of the young woman he loved and the old woman he feared, man found a goddess to worship, who loved him and protected him, and at times punished him. Those modern psychologists who belong to the school of C. G. Jung tell us that buried deep in what they call the collective unconscious of humanity are certain primordial concepts which Jung calls "archetypes". He defines these as "inherited predispositions to reaction", and as "perhaps comparable to the axial system of a crystal, which predetermines, as it were, the crystalline formation in the saturated solution, without itself possessing a material existence." We might call them "primordial images". Jung defines two of the most potent of these archetypes which dwell in the mysterious depths of the unconscious mind of man as "The Great Mother" and "The Old Wise Man", and judging from the description of them given in his works they are undoubtedly identical with the goddess and god of the witch cult. Dr. Jolan Jacobi, in The Psychology of C. G. Jung, says, "They are well known from the world of the primitives and from mythology in their good and evil, light and dark aspects, being represented as magician, prophet, mage, pilot of the dead, leader, or as goddess of fertility, sybil, priestess, Sophia, etc. From both figures emanates a mighty fascination. . . ." These are precisely the deities of the witches, and this fact may be a clue to the mystery of the cult's amazing endurance.

I mentioned before that the peasants in France and Spain knew what the clay figures of animals which had been thrust through with spears meant, because they in the twentieth century still hunted wolves that way. That is, this inherited magical custom or knowledge had descended from father to son for ten or twelve thousand years. Nominally, all sorts of people had occupied the land in turn, each with their different languages; but in fact all these invasions simply meant that some new people came in and possibly seized the best pieces of land and some of the women. The original inhabitants were elbowed out into the less fertile parts; but in a few generations the original stock, excepting perhaps some of the "bosses" or nobility, was much the same. Rudyard Kipling puts it neatly in his verses about a piece of land throughout the ages, with its different lords and owners, and the family

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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