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Water Freedom System

Water Freedom System is a valuable guide that instructs you on to build your oasis. You will get enough water even when there is a shortage in your town. You will have an abundant water supply for your family, animals, and even your garden. This precious device will ensure that you don't have to stockpiles or go through the tedious process of harvesting rainwater. It can provide you with 60 gallons of clean and freshwater every day. You don't have to have previous experience or skills to build or use Water Freedom System. It was designed on a concept used majorly in emergency and home purpose, meaning you can take in the maximum of three hours to build the device. Water Freedom System generator will derive water from the natural air easily, so can be sure to have pure clean water for consumption. The device can be used in any location, even the driest desert. Read more here...

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Contents: Ebooks
Author: Chris Burns
Official Website: www.waterfreedomsystem.com
Price: $19.69

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Highly Recommended

I started using this book straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

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Survive Water Crisis

Survive Water Crisis is an excellent survival guide that helps individuals develop an actionable plan for what to do in the event of a water emergency. Most of us know that without clean water to drink we will die within a few short days, but how many of us are prepared in the event that a tragedy occurs that affects the water supply? Survive Water Crisis teaches users how to turn polluted water into pure water. Users can learn how to purify water at home and they will not have to drink dirty water during a water crisis. Hence, users will know what to do to enjoy clean drinking water and take full control of their water supply. Thanks to this book, users and their families will not be thirsty during any water crisis. Besides, users will discover how to remain calm and confident enough to handle water crises. Whenever a water crisis arises, users will unnecessarily dread dehydration. Last but not least, this book introduces common water disasters and a report on water supply. The main point driven home in the guide is that, in order to survive, you must develop an action oriented mindset. Most people, when faced with an emergency, will have a tendency to panic and behave irrationally during the critical period following the disaster, when every minute counts. Without a plan, you will likely find yourself running around like a chicken with its head cut off. If you have a contingency in place for this type of disaster, you wont have to figure out what to doyou will be able to just fall back on your plan and get things done.

Survive Water Crisis Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Damian Campbell
Official Website: ww38.survivewatercrisis.com
Price: $49.97

Christmas Pagan Holiday

Christmas Pagan

The Yule Log is a popular Christmas symbol. It originated in Scandinavia and it was called Yule. This was the burning of the yule log or block or piece of wood. Early Christians adopted it as their own and called it Christbund or Chrisklotz. This was an ancient fertility rite. It was believed that if a piece of this log was placed in the cow's drinking water it would become pregnant. Another belief was that there would be as many chickens as there were sparks that flew from the burning log. Many kept pieces of the yule log as a talisman against fife or having their house struck by lightning.

Etymological Notes

The latter is usually explained as coming from the Latin sortilegus, meaning one who does divination or magic by casting of lots (small sticks or stones with special meanings) but may come from sourcier, meaning 'a water-well finder' or 'water diviner.' Germans, Danes, and others used words that translate as magician, wonderworker spell singer, diviner, or knowledgeable one, all usually in the female form.

Standard Wiccan Rite

Props sword, athame(s), boline, wand, pentacle, chalice, bowl, salt soil dish, incense burner & incense & charcoal (or stick incense & holder), salt or soil, water, altar candles and holders, crown for Goddess (and or God), matches lighter, plate, cups for all, cakes cookies, libation bowl, wine ale beer (and or juice drinking water), napkins, bucket of sand or extinguisher, broom or other event-specific items.

Steps to Casting

Salt and Water purification - add salt to a bowl of water, visualizing it being cleansed and purified, purifying all it touches. Sprinkle the altar and tools with it, and use some to anoint your third eye. (the bowl may be passed around so that each participant can do the same)

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