Michael D. Bailey


1. Buddhism, by Charles S. Prebish, 1993

2. Mormonism, by Davis Bitton, 1994. Out of print. See No. 32.

3. Ecumenical Christianity, by Ans Joachim van der Bent, 1994

4. Terrorism, by Sean Anderson and Stephen Sloan, 1995. Out of print. See No. 41.

6. Feminism, by Janet K. Boles and Diane Long Hoeveler, 1995

7. Olympic Movement, by Ian Buchanan and Bill Mallon, 1995. Out of print. See No. 39.

8. Methodism, by Charles Yrigoyen Jr. and Susan E. Warrick, 1996

9. Orthodox Church, by Michael Prokurat, Alexander Golitzin, and Michael D. Peterson, 1996

10. Organized Labor, by James C. Docherty, 1996

11. Civil Rights Movement, by Ralph E. Luker, 1997

12. Catholicism, by William J. Collinge, 1997

13. Hinduism, by Bruce M. Sullivan, 1997

14. North American Environmentalism, by Edward R. Wells and Alan M. Schwartz, 1997

15. Welfare State, by Bent Greve, 1998

16. Socialism, by James C. Docherty, 1997

17. Bahä'iFaith, by Hugh C. Adamson and Philip Hainsworth, 1998

18. Taoism, by Julian F. Pas in cooperation with Man Kam Leung, 1998

19. Judaism, by Norman Solomon, 1998

20. Green Movement, by Elim Papadakis, 1998

21. Nietzscheanism, by Carol Diethe, 1999

22. Gay Liberation Movement, by Ronald J. Hunt, 1999

23. Islamic Fundamentalist Movements in the Arab World, Iran, and Turkey, by Ahmad S. Moussalli, 1999

24. Reformed Churches, by Robert Benedetto, Darrell L. Guder, and Donald K. McKim, 1999

25. Baptists, by William H. Brackney, 1999

26. Cooperative Movement, by Jack Shaffer, 1999

27. Reformation and Counter-Reformation, by Hans J. Hillerbrand, 2000

28. Shakers, by Holley Gene Duffield, 2000

29. United States Political Parties, by Harold F. Bass Jr., 2000

30. Heidegger's Philosophy, by Alfred Denker, 2000

31. Zionism, by Rafael Medoff and Chaim I. Waxman, 2000

32. Mormonism, 2nd ed., by Davis Bitton, 2000

33. Kierkegaard's Philosophy, by Julia Watkin, 2001

34. Hegelian Philosophy, by John W. Burbidge, 2001

35. Lutheranism, by Günther Gassmann in cooperation with Duane H. Larson and Mark W. Oldenburg, 2001

36. Holiness Movement, by William Kostlevy, 2001

37. Islam, by Ludwig W. Adamec, 2001

38. Shinto, by Stuart D. B. Picken, 2002

39. Olympic Movement, 2nd ed., by Ian Buchanan and Bill Mallon, 2001

40. Slavery and Abolition, by Martin A. Klein, 2002

41. Terrorism, 2nd ed., by Sean Anderson and Stephen Sloan, 2002

42. New Religious Movements, by George D. Chryssides, 2001

43. Prophets in Islam and Judaism, by Scott B. Noegel and Brannon M. Wheeler, 2002

44. The Friends (Quakers), by Margery Post Abbott, Mary Ellen Chijioke, Pink Dandelion, and John William Oliver, Jr., 2003

45. Lesbian Liberation Movement: Still the Rage, JoAnne Myers, 2003

46. Descartes and Cartesian Philosophy, by Roger Ariew, Dennis Des Chene, Douglas M. Jesseph, Tad M. Schmaltz, and Theo Verbeek, 2003

47. Witchcraft, by Michael D. Bailey, 2003

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