208:1 A man in the Orkneys was ruined by nine knots tied in a blue thread {Dalyell's Darker Superstitions of Scot/and).

208:2 The Rev. Dr. Tisdall, who has given such a full account of the trial, was Vicar of Belfast. For his attitude towards the Presbyterians, see Witherow's Memorials of Presbyterianism in Ireland, pp. 118, 159. Yet his narrative of the trial is not biassed, for all his statements can be home out by other evidence. 213:1 James Macartney became second puisne justice of the King's Bench in 1701, puisne justice of Common Pleas {vice A. Upton) in 1714, and retired in 1726. Anthony Upton became puisne Justice of Common Pleas, was succeeded as above, and committed suicide in 1718. Both were natives of co. Antrim.

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