Esbat Ritual


• Everything needed to cast a Circle,

• Wand, Scourge, Priestess' Athame

• Priest, Priestess

Here is the sequence of modules in a standard Esbat ritual.

• (Optional: rare) Declaim Ancient Call

• Drawing Down the Moon

• (Optional: rare) HP declaims Ancient Call

• Great God Cernunnos Invocation (generally omitted if Drawing Down the Sun)

• Witches' Rune (or other circle chant, eg. Ancient Call)

• Insert optional Circle work here (eg. Sabbat ritual)

• Wine Blessing

• Cake Blessing

• Relax and chat; Coven business discussion, teaching, etc.


• A "standard" BOS usually lists its owner's standard modules so that they follow each other, and optional pieces are probably given seperately with no written explanation of how to put things together.

• Obviously, the term "modules" is not traditional.

• There are a large number of published sources for the Esbat ritual as a whole.

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