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As you can see, Wicca perceives the conscious mind as only a small part of a much larger being, originating from and eternally connected to the Mother Goddess. Our conscious self is normally a reflection of our physical body (1st Dimension), our emotions (2nd Dimension), and our thinking mind (3rd Dimension). These three dimensions of our being are said to compose our "LOWER SELF." It should be understood that the term "lower" refers to vibrational frequency, and not to any sort of value judgement, as all parts of the being are good and valuable. The lower the vibrational frequency, the greater the physical density.

As humans we normally have a natural comprehension of these three aspects of our Lower Self, accepting them without question as an obvious componant of our being. We all know our physical body and its' reactions. We all feel our emotions, conscious and sub-conscious. We are all aware of our cognitive and rational faculties. All of these are within our level of common experience and are known to us, if not always fully understood.

Above our level of common experience is our Higher Self, a concept you were introduced to in LESSON I. The Higher self like the Lower Self has three levels of being. Immediately above our common perception is the "Astral" self (4th Dimension). Also called the "Causal self', the Astral self is the part of us which determines what things we choose to experience in a given physical life, and what lessons we are trying to learn. It is from this level that the Higher Self creates the life we are living. The Astral portion of the Higher Self sets the pattern of life, accepts or rejects every potential event in it, and can make whatever alterations the Higher Self chooses, at any point during the life. This is one reason it is so important to be on good terms with our Higher Self, because by moving in synch with its' choices we make life a much easier process. The Astral level, also sometimes called the Intuitional or Buddhic level, is the level that we shift to when we work magic.

Above the Astral is the Egoic Self, or Soul (5th Dimension). The word Soul is often used to describe the whole Higher Self, but specifically refers to the 5th level of the being. The Soul is the separate personality of the Higher Self, built up of the total experience of many, many lifetimes. All of the benefits of every life lived, the outcome of all lessons learned, the knowledge of all things seen, felt, and done, is retained in the Soul, and gives it its' special character which is distinct from all other Souls. The Soul is the organ by which the being grows, the manner in which experience and growth is retained and built upon.

Above the Soul is the Monad. The term Monad comes from the Greek Monas, meaning "single unit." The Monad is the portion of the Soul which is perfect in itself, just as it was when the Goddess divided it off from Herself. The Monad is the Divine Spark of Life which animates the being, and which is conscious of itself as a portion of Deity. The Monad is a separate portion of the Goddess, but is essentially the same intelligence with no differentiation. The Monad is individuated but not differentiated from the Goddess, and contains all of the attributes and qualities of the Divine while at the same time being separate unto itself. The Monad is the motivating force of the being.

Because of this the Monad moves always to the good, and is incapable of doing otherwise.

The Monad is a perfect Microcosm of Goddess, and remembers the time before the first creation when all was One. The Monad also remembers the reason that it was separated off from the Goddess and because of this has a natural desire to evolve and unfold until it is One with the Goddess again.

These three parts form the Higher Self, of which we only become aware through effort. The Astral self which creates our life as we live it, deciding and arranging all that happens. The Soul which stores all of these experiences and is shaped by them. And the Monad, the Divine part of us which sought those experiences and revels in them, but which also seeks eventual Union with the rest of Deity, and a return to the primordial Oneness.

The final level of being, above the Monad, is the Goddess Herself (7th Dimension). She is the single soul of the Universe from Whom all others ultimately come, and She is the very center of your being. All of creation branches off from Her, through the medium of the God. Goddess is the life, God is the living. Goddess is the essence, God is the manifestation. Every aspect of creation is endowed by both Goddess and God, and all is sentient in the higher levels of its' being, if not always in the physical.

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