In addition to being used fresh or dried, in oils or in incenses, herbs can also be used in waters. This is commonly done by making a tea or tisane.

To do this you boil the herb so that it imparts it's special qualities to the water. The water thus impregnated with the qualities of the herb can then be used in a number of ways: in some cases it can be consumed as a tea (though again you should consume only what you specifically know to be safe), it can also be used as a concentrate and added to a floorwash or a bath.

Floorwashes are used to ceremonial wash the floor of a Temple, home, or place of business, for the purpose of imparting the qualities of the herb involved to that location -to give protection, draw prosperity, or stimulate social discourse, for example. Sometimes it can also be used on walls, or to anoint doorways, windows, etc. Use of a floorwash should be preceded by an appropriate prayer and/or affirmation, and by concentrating upon your purpose while applying it.

An herbal bath fulfills the same purpose as a floorwash, but imparts the qualities of the herb to a person. An herbal bath is prepared by adding either a small quantity of concentrated tea or the fresh herbs themselves in a cheesecloth sachet, to warm bathwater. The person then immerses in the water, even to the point of momentarily immersing their head, so that every part of the body is exposed to the water. Then they remain in the water in a state of meditation for 15 to 30 minutes. After leaving the water, it is considered preferable to take the time to air dry. The herbal bath should be preceded by an appropriate prayer, and throughout the process of setting it up and taking it one should stay focused upon the intent of the ceremony.

Herbal waters can also be used to asperge or anoint people or places. Purify and charge the water as described below. The water can also be put into a spray bottle and dispersed in this way.

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