A vestment is a sacred garment which is only worn for ritual or other religious occasions. It is believed that by wearing the vestment only for religious purposes, its ability to act as a key to aid in the shift of consciousness is increased. This is because if we wear the vestment only for magical and spiritual activities, then every time we put it on, our Inner Self will know that we're going to do something magical and spiritual, and will automatically shift the consciousness to align with the Higher Self.

In some groups all robes and other garments used for ritual are considered to be vestments, and are worn for ritual purposes only -never for anything else.

Though each Correllian Temple is free to establish its own policies, as a Tradition Correllianism takes the position that a robe is a garment, like any other garment, and that the only actual "vestment" is the stole. It may be bad form to wear certain robes for non-religious purposes, but only the stole has a sanctity unto itself.

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