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One of the most sacred pieces of Wiccan literature is the Vangelo delle Streghe. This is a collection of legends preserved and passed down through generations of the Aradian witches of Italy. A little over a century ago the Italian witch Maddalena gave a copy of the Vangelo to the famed folklorist Charles Godfrey Leland, on the understanding that he would publish it.

The most important part of the Vangelo is the creation story it contains. This creation story is a sublime allegorical account of the creation of the physical world, and the descent of Spirit into Matter. The story touches on very ancient themes, being reminiscent of the ancient Greek myth of

OPHION AND EURYNOME, and of the creation myth of the Goddess CYBELE.

You must understand however that the stories in the Vangelo are meant to be understood as ALLEGORY, that is to say that they represent their subject symbolically, portraying it in familiar every-day forms rather than abstract concepts. If you try to read these stories literally they appear rather shallow and foolish. Only by understanding that Vangelo's human characters actually represent the timeless forces of Nature and the Universe, and their actions portray the cosmic processes, can you hope to get anything out of it.

Maddalena did not bother to explain this. She was willing to let people know more about the ancient Aradian Wiccan traditions, but she didn't want them to know to much. She knew that people who understood allegory would be able to read between the lines, and appreciate what they found there. She is also supposed to have made certain alterations to the text, apparently for purpose of secrecy, which leave some confusion in the text. But despite this, the text is of enormous value.

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