Types Of Robe

Whether we belong to a Temple that wears robes, or we want one just for our own personal use, our next question is -"Where do I get one?"

The answer, usually, is that we make it.

There are stores and companies that sell commercially manufactured ritual robes. Usually these companies' primary business is selling medieval or renaissance garb for historical recreationists, renaissance faires, and theatrical production companies. Some of these robes are very nice, but they also tend to be very expensive.

Making our own robes is both cheaper, and more personal. By doing it ourselves we put our own energy into the robe, attuning it to ourself from the start. When we make our robes yourself, it is uniquely and truly our own.

Of course for many people, not knowing how to sew can be a bit of an impediment to this process. But most robe patterns are very simple, and a couple of straight seems and a hem will usually do it.

In making a robe we will want to consider several things. FABRIC

Choose a fabric you an work with. Silky fabrics feel great, but they can be hard for a beginner to sew. Stretchy fabrics are hard to sew, too. A cotton or cotton blend is often your best bet.

Also, consider how the fabric will feel. Rituals are often held indoors, and many involve dancing -you don't want a fabric that's going to be too hot. Though a velvet robe might be magnificent to behold, it may also give you heatstroke. A lighter fabric is usually preferable, unless a robe is being made specifically for outdoor use.

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