The Wand

The Wand is the second of the Four Sacred Tools. The Wand represents the Element of Fire, and the power of the God as consort of the Goddess, Lord of Cycles. In the Correllian tradition the Wand is primarily used in invoking the Quarters, for cleansings, and as part of certain specific rituals.

The purpose of the Wand is to facillitate the directing of energy. One holds the Wand and focuses energy through it, visualizing the energy emerging as a beam from the tip of the Wand.

Wands are available in a great variety of types. You can get them made of wood, of crystal, of copper or silver, or you can make your own. They can be very complex, but they can also be very simple. The simplest form of Wand, and also the oldest, is just a stick decorated in a way that has meaning for you. Feathers, stones, shells, ribbon, these and many other things can be used to decorate a Wand. Many people believe a Wand must be complicated, but the ancient Egyptians used Wands that were simply carved in symbolic shapes and their magic was unparalelled.

When you've made or sellected your Wand, you should consecrate it.

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