The Psychic Tide

Time has cycles. These repeat constantly. These cycles are created by and are the effect of Movement. The movement of the Planet. The movement of the Galaxies. The movement of energy through the Planes.

These cycles range from the time it takes our Planet to revolve upon its' axis (24 HRS) to the length of the so-called Great Year (19,200 years, according to the Correllian system). All of these cycles have their own qualities, and in accordance with the ancient Law "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW" all reflect the processes of the Universe as a whole.

When Goddess separated the many souls off from Herself and sent them into the physical, they began a process of INVOLUTION, a movement downward to a place of utmost density; the

Physical Plane. Arriving there the many Souls began a movement back upward, through the Seven Planes, to their original Divine origin; The Goddess. This is called Spiritual EVOLUTION. Together these two processes form a whole. Involution is the DARK HALF of the whole -it is the Yin which spirals inward, contemplative and esoteric. Evolution is the LIGHT HALF -it is the Yang which spirals inward, active and exoteric. All cycles possess these two parts; a Dark half and a Light half, mirroring the Cosmic order.

Darkness always precedes Light, as Involution precedes Evolution.

The Cycles of Time are known as the PSYCHIC TIDE. It is called this because the inner and outer movement of the energy is like the tide of the ocean. In the Tide is in its' Dark half the energy is going inward; it is a time for contemplation, inner workings, examination of the inner levels of the self, releasing that which one has outgrown. When the Tide is in its' Light half the energy is going outward; it is a time for physical manifestation, creation, beginning of new projects. Both halves of the Tide propel one forward, each in its' own way. It is a perpetual cycle of consolidation (Dark) followed by growth (Light) followed by consolidation (Dark) followed by still more growth (Light). Neither can be sustained without the other for balance.

In a 24 HR period the Dark half is Night, the Light half Day.

In the monthly cycle of the Moon the Dark half is the Waning Moon (From Full Moon to New Moon). The Light half is the Waxing Moon (From New Moon to Full Moon). During the Waning Moon we do releasing and inner work. We use this time to rid ourselves of all that limits us or holds us back. During the Waxing Moon we do manifestation to bring about our goals and desires in the outer world, creating that which we desire. It is the Lunar cycle which effects us most strongly as individuals.

In the yearly cycle the Dark half is the Winter and the Spring, during which Earth rests and refreshes Herself before bringing forth new life. The Light half is the Summer and Fall during which the fields and forests grow and blossom to feed the creatures of the Earth. In the dark half the energy of the Earth is directed inward to replenish fertility. In the Light half the energy of the Earth is focused out, making fertility manifest in physical form.

The Yearly cycle does not effect us as strongly as the monthly Lunar Cycle, but it can have a noticeable effect. Particularly important are the changeover points, La Bealteinne (May 1) and Samhain (Nov. 1). At these two dates the Psychic Tide is said to be at its' yearly height, and the Veil between the worlds at its' thinnest. At these two Sabbats Psychic powers are keenest, magic is most effective, and supernatural phenomena most frequent. But you will learn more about the Sabbats under the section entitled WHEEL OF THE YEAR later in this lesson.

This same pattern is present in each ZODIACAL AGE. The Zodiacal Ages are divisions of time named for the signs of the ZODIAC and linked to the so-called PRECESSION OF THE EQUINOXES. These include the Age of Aquarius, of which you may have heard, as well as the Age of Pisces which is now ending. According to the CORRELLIAN CALENDAR the Age of Aquarius will begin in 2000 AD (year 0 h).

The first several hundred years of each Zodiacal Age are the Dark half. During these years the best of the preceding Age is consolidated. People create rigid structures of thought and tend to be rather introspective. The last several hundred years of the Age are the Light half; during these years people throw off old ways of thought and try to create new ones.

By telling you this we are not saying that you should allow yourself to be limited because you are in the Dark or Light half of any given time period. Just because the natural energies favor a certain sort of work doesn't mean that that is the only sort of work which can be performed -far from it! Rather we say this so that you will know how to pick the best time for a given work, during which the natural energies of the Universe will be moving in the same direction you are. Also, if you find yourself working against the natural energies -say you need to do releasing during the Waxing Moon- you will know that you need a stronger ritual to compensate.

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