The Chalice

The Chalice is the third Sacred Tool, and represents the Element of Water, and the power of the Goddess as Mother of all creation.

A Chalice can be any kind of glass or cup, and every kind imaginable is used.

The Chalice is used mainly to make libations or drink-offerings, and to confer blessing. To make a libation a little bit of water, wine, or juice is placed in the Chalice, cleansed and consecrated. Blessed in ritual, the libation is offerred to Goddess, God, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, one's Higher Self, etc... The libation is then left on the altar for the rest of the ritual, and perhaps a while afterward, then disposed of out-of-doors.

To confer blessing the cup is filled with water, wine, juice, etc., which is cleansed and consecrated. The cup is blessed in the name of Goddess and God, and then drank. As the liquid is drank the blessing symbolically enters the drinker. This can be done in individual or group worship.

The same technique can be used as an act of magic. In this case the chalice is blessed for a certain effect, such as improved health. It may be drank at once, or it can be further charged by being placed in direct sunlight or moonlight for several hours.

The Chalice is consecrated in a very simple way. Hold the Chalice under cold running water; imagine a clear yellow light passing through the cup even as the water runs over it. Concentrate on all negativity being removed from the cup. Say: "I cast out of thee all negativity." Now hold up the Chalice and vizualize it filled with blue-white light shining out in all directions. Say; "I do bless and consecrate thee."

Everytime you use the Chalice, bless and consecrate it again in this same way.

When you fill the Chalice, bless the liquid in this manner; Make three Tuathail circles over the liquid. Say; "I exorcise thee, casting out from thee any negativity which may lie within." while visualizing the Chalice filled with yellow light. Then make three Deosil circles saying "And I do bless and consecrate thee to this work." while visualizing the Chalice filled with blue-white light.

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