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The main purpose of an altar is to provide focus.

It can be used to focus on the Divine Powers -this is worship.

It can be used to focus energy for making changes in our lives -this is magic.

It can be used to focus on communication with our Higher Selves and SPIRIT GUIDES - this is meditation.

All of these -worship, magic, meditation -are ways of focusing our psychic energy to accomplish specific ends. The altar can aid in that focus, and can be used to augment that energy and enhance the result.

Because so much of this process depends on the energy of YOU, your altar should be so designed as to have meaning for YOU and to provoke an emotional and spiritual reaction from you. This is particularly important because no matter how beautiful or "correct" your altar is, it won't matter to you if it doesn't help you access your own inner energies.

Altars have many variations. The simplest altar need be no more than a picture on the wall or a clear space on a table. The most elaborate altars are masterpieces of exquisite art. Most altars are somewhere in between.

In this lesson you will learn how to construct a basic altar, which you can then adapt to your personal needs -at which you can do magic, work ritual, and commune with the Powers That Be.

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