Spell Of The Month Talismans And Amulets

In keeping with the subject of this Lesson, our Spell of the Month is about the creation and use of TALISMANS and AMULETS.

Talismans and Amulets are magical items which we use to help bring about changes in our lives or in specific situations. They can be carried on the person, in a pocket for instance, or on a chain around the neck, or they can be put in an appropriate place such as under a pillow or on a desk.

A Talisman or Amulet can be made for any reason, though commonly they are used for such purposes as stimulating creativity, increasing prosperity, improving communication, expanding psychic receptivity, strengthening magical ability, drawing success either generally or to a specific endeavor, and overcoming general or specific problems.

The difference between a Talisman and an Amulet is this: A Talisman is a natural object, such as a stone, which is used in its natural state or with minor augmentation. An Amulet is a specially created object, made just for the purpose that it will be used for.

Over time however, the two words have blended together, and people often use them interchangeably.

A Talisman may be made of just about anything. Found stones and other "lucky" objects are often used for Talismans. Perhaps the best known Talisman of this sort is the Four Leafed Clover, which because of its scarcity is taken as an omen of and Talisman for good luck. A found penny, picked up for good luck, is another well known and enduring example of a simple Talisman.

But a Talisman need not necessarily be a found object. Many people purchase tumble polished gem stones and carry them in a pocket or a small pouch -these two are Talismans, believed to impart the qualities of the specific stone to the user of the Talisman.

An Amulet on the other hand is something we make. A stone carried in a pouch is a Talisman. A stone set as a ring or augmented by a magical symbol is an Amulet. An Amulet also can be made of almost anything, and can range from the very simple to the extremely complex. An example of a very simple Amulet is a magical symbol -such as the Egyptian Ankh- drawn on a piece of paper and worn or carried. This would impart the qualities of the Ankh -life and vitality- to the user of the Amulet. Put the paper with a complimentary stone -such as a Carnelian- and put it in a small bag, and you have a more complex Amulet. You might also add a complimentary herb, or other items which also serve to stimulate the Amulets purpose.

Long lists of items and their correspondences exist that can help us in selecting items to use when making Amulets. But ultimately whether an item feels "right" or not is the best way to decide whether or not to use it. The lists of Herbs and Stones which have accompanied these Lessons, as well as the lists of Metals and Colors below, will go along way toward giving you inspiration for Amulet making.

In making Talismans and Amulets do not feel that your efforts must conform exactly to what anyone else says -remember that like everything else in magic the purpose of these things is to act as KEYS to stimulate powers which are within you. Even though the substances of which Talismans and Amulets are made have properties of their own, how you charge the item will greatly influence how those properties will be used.

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