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Many groups like to wear robes. Sometimes only the presiding clergy will be robed. Sometimes everyone will be robed. The robes may all match to stress the Temple's esprit de corps, or each persons robe may be different and individual. These are all decisions that are up to each individual Temple.

People wear robes for several reasons.

1) They look cool.

Robes, like other accessories, can act as KEYS to the Higher Self. Robes can help us to feel magical, and that helps us to shift our consciousness and become magical.

This is probably the best reason for wearing robes.

2) They create a sense of "belonging."

Having a special garment, such as a robe, that everyone in a group wears, creates a feeling of "specialness" -of belonging to a distinct and individual group. Like any uniform, wearing a robe creates a sense that we are doing something different from everyday life. And when everyone is wearing a robe, there is a sense of solidarity -that "we're all in this together."

This is another good reason for wearing a robe.

3) To aid the flow of energy.

In times past people sometimes felt that clothing restricted the flow of psychic energy. It was believed that anything tied around the body, or anything intricately constructed -such as stitching-slowed down or stopped the flow of energy. (You can see a vestige of this belief in the Christian Amish, who still believe buttons, zippers, and -heaven forbid!- velcro, are harmful -though the Amish have forgotten the original reasons for the belief.)

Perhaps at an earlier point in human development this may have been true, but few people believe it today. The Gardnerian author Doreen Valiente has pointed out that if psychic energy can't be stopped by walls, a thin layer of clothing should be no impediment to it [Doreen Valiente, ABC of Witchcraft, ...].

Still, many people feel that their energy moves better when they are wearing less restrictive clothing. For this reason they advocate loose robes or other simple clothing, that doesn't bind the body. They would say that a loose comfortable robe with little or nothing underneath, makes it much easier to do magic or psychic work, as there are no tight waistbands or complicated structures to impede the flow of energy.

While we would not take the view that clothing restricts energy, we certainly would agree that wearing loose comfortable clothing makes pretty much anything easier, including magic. Obviously comfortable clothing is easier to relax in, and being relaxed helps us to work magically or psychically -nothing impedes the flow of energy like tension, that's why we clear and release before every working.

Few things are more comfortable than a robe, or less restrictive of movement. As long as we treats it as a preference and not a necessity, this too is a good reason to wear a robe.

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