Psychic Hygeine

One of the most important aspects of magical working, which is equally important in every magical act you ever perform, is psychic hygiene. Psychic hygiene prevents energy from becoming blocked in your body, which can make it difficult to use energy properly. Every time you do a magical work you raise energy -that is you focus and direct energy. When you have finished you will still have excess energy left in your body, which must be released. You might think that retaining this excess energy would be good, but it is not - it clogs up and causes problems. Too much of this excess energy can cause serious problems. So always practice good psychic hygiene.

You can sometimes tell if you have excess energy after a ritual or magical working if you find yourself feeling lightheaded, or off balance, or disoriented. Sometimes also it will manifest as a feeling of hyperactivity, an inability to be still - literally a feeling of excess energy. But even if you feel nothing unusual, you may still have excess energy and make it a point to clear and release as a matter of course.

Another word for clearing and releasing excess energy is GROUNDING. You will find complete instructions for releasing in the EXERCISES section of this lesson. Make sure to read them. Psychic hygiene is always important when you do magic or psychic work. You should cleanse and release both before you begin, and especially after you finish. But this is not the only time it's important. Many people on a magical path tend to pick up energy from others -usually emotional energy. Such a people may find themselves picking up another person's emotions, mood, or tension level, without knowing it. The same techniques of psychic hygiene can be used to release such "pick-ups" as well. Moreover, because we tend to pick up from others in this way, it is important to practice PSYCHIC SHIELDING. Psychic shielding basically strengthens your own boundaries, so that you do not pick up any energy you don't want. It's good to practice psychic shielding regularly, even daily, as it helps to keep the AURA strong.

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