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Through magic we influence or control the things around us, therefore it is wise to use magic only to make these things better. The ancient rule of Wicca is "Do As You Will, But Harm None." Magic is a great power, and can be a great responsibility, and you do well to use it wisely. Everything you do comes back to you, through KARMA. Every action you take, in time you will also experience from the receiving end. So that when you do something good for another, you are also doing something good for yourself, as you will eventually experience the same good as a recipient. But if you do harm, that same harm you ultimately do to yourself. This is very important to understand and remember. You should bear it in mind in every aspect of your life, including the magic you practice. To do harm is not only wrong in itself, but ultimately hurts the doer. Moreover most Wiccans believe in the LAW OF THREE, that is to say that what you do comes back to you not only once, but multiple times. Some Wiccans believe that the number Three in the Threefold Law is meant to be taken literally -that the Karma of our actions returns to us exactly three times. In the Correllian Tradition we consider the number Three to be symbolic of plurality in general, rather than a specific number of times. Thus in Correllian terms the Law of Three means that you will experience the Karma of your actions as many times as necessary to learn the necessary lesson.

Magic and Psychism are words that describe two aspects of the same process - connecting to the higher self. The word psychic comes from the Greek Psyche (pro.; SI-kee) meaning soul or spirit, i.e.; the higher self. In magic we use this connection actively, to create a certain response in the world. In PSYCHISM we use the same connection passively, to receive information about the world. We also use the word psychic to describe the exercises we use to develop both these skills.

Magic is worked from the higher self. Everything that helps you to connect with your higher self helps magic. Regular meditation and psychic exercises are a valuable tool to strengthen that connection. The connection is like a muscle, and grows stronger with use. The more you do -even if at first you do not see success- the better you will get, and the easier it will be. Persistence is important.

In it's opening stages the most important thing about magic is to concentrate -focus as much energy as you can into what you are doing. This is rather like wishing very, very hard. This level of concentration is always an aspect of magic, but later it will seem automatic and will not take such effort. If you are visualizing, try to see what you are visualizing as clearly as possible. Make the image as concrete and three dimensional as you can. Visualization is one of the strongest aids to concentration. Whatever magical working you are undertaking, by whatever method, try to put your whole being into it. The more of yourself you can put into the work, the more energy you can focus into it, the greater the effect it will have.

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