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In LESSON I we learned that the Universe is composed of Energy, and that we can influence that Energy by means of Magic, through concentration of mind and emotion. In LESSON II we learned that the Universe, composed of Energy, is an emanation of the Goddess in union with the God. We learned that the Universe has Seven Planes or Dimensions of existence, and that we exist as a being in all seven of these at once. Those Dimensions of which we are easily aware are our Lower Self. Those Dimensions which we must work to connect with are our Higher Self. In the end we are all One, because the spirit of the Goddess is in each of us, and animates us all.

We have spoken about how we can influence and direct energy through magic. But energy influences us as well. Now in LESSON III we will talk about how we are all influenced on a daily basis by the energies around us.

Everything which exists is composed of energy. Though it may look solid, it is in fact a pattern of energy held intact by Vibration and Frequency. Affected by experience, each thing develops its' own special character and attributes, which it carries forward.

This is true of objects, such as gem stones, different kinds of wood, shell, or metal. Each of these things, though existing a denser state of matter than our own, has its' own energies which can effect our energy. For example Jade interacts with our energy to promote calmness and tranquility, while Amber has an energy that aids mental clarity and concentration. Rock Crystal (Quartz) will amplify ones' psychic energy, while the metal will tend to ground it.

This is also true of fragrances, such as essential oils and incenses, whose unique qualities effect our energy as well. For example Sage or Rosemary have a cleansing energy, which we use to aid in purification. Sandalwood promotes spiritual opening while Cinnamon is protective in character.

Not only physical objects, but also more abstract things, such as color, effect our energy. The color Red will tend to increase ones energy, but if overdone can set one on edge. Blue tends to be soothing to the emotions, but too much can be depressive in character.

Specific places also have particular energies. Some locations are known to have especially powerful energy which acts as a battery to anyone who goes there. Such places are called VORTICES and are the energy centers, or Chakras of the Earth. Some of these Vortices have special qualities, such as healing, or psychic opening. If you visit such a Vortex and work with its' natural energy, you will be able to accomplish much more of whatever its' special qualitydictates, than you might normally be able to do. For example at a healing Vortex, such as that at Bath, England, or at Lourdes, France, healers will be able to manifest much greater healing powers than they might in other places. Meditations conducted at Vortices known for psychic opening, such as those in Sedona, in the Southwestern U.S., may be able to reach much deeper levels and effect greater transformations than when carried out elsewhere. For these reasons such Vortices are considered sacred, and are often the site of pilgrimages by persons seeking to benefit from the particular energy of the Vortex. Such Vortices can also be artificially created, both consciously and unconsciously. Our thoughts and emotions, as we have said, effect energy. A location which is subject to a given emotion or thought pattern over a long period of time, or even a short time if it is of extreme potency, will be imbued with that quality. Thus a house which has seen much suffering and anger may have a "negative" energy about it, which will be felt by subsequent inhabitants and their visitors. Similarly a place which has known great joy, may tend to feel uplifting to those who live in or visit it. These artificial Vortices are created unconsciously, by the everyday process of living. But an artificial Vortex can also be created intentionally. A temple or a place where magic is performed can be imbued with psychic energy which can turn it into a powerful psychic Vortex, which will strengthen the abilities and perceptions of all who enter. But this is a high level working, and should not be attempted until one is thoroughly familiar with energy working.

In Magic we learn to interact with all things with a view to how they can aid us energetically. Because each of us is different, this is a subjective process, which can only be mastered by trial and experience. But the basics can be grasped fairly easily.

You will learn more about the effects of gem stones and scents in future lessons. If you continue your studies beyond the First Degree, you will learn more about energetic Vortices. But now we are going to concentrate on the effect of a still more abstract energy; Time.

Like everything else different times have different energies. Also, like everything else, the exact manner in which you interact with these is individual to you. To fully understand how best to relate to these energies, you must practice with them, and see how you yourself attune to them. But in general there are certain principles, and these we shall outline for you now.

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