Patron Deities

The reason we have so many forms of Personal Deity, is so that people can make a personal, emotional, connection to Deity. The abstract nature of Universal Deity is difficult for most people to comprehend or form an attachment to. Personal Deity, on the other hand, portrays aspects of Deity in terms that are very easy for humans to understand, and which have strong emotional appeal for us. We have many, many Personal Deities, because each person is different and has different needs for Deity to fulfill. Deity is all things to all people -consequently Deity must have very many Personal forms.

The particular aspect of Deity that a person best interacts with is called their PATRON DEITY. The Patron Deity is the form of Deity you work with most. For some people the relationship with their Patron Deity will be intense and highly emotional. They will receive dreams and visions from the Patron Deity, and may learn to channel oracles from the Patron in time.

For other people the Patron acts as an inspiration and an example, helping the DEVOTEE to develop the qualities which the Patron personifies. There are Deities Whose principle qualities are virtues like wisdom, courage, or magical ability, Whose devotees hope to develop these same traits by choosing Them as Patrons. Other Deities have virtues like creativity, happiness, or self-expression, and Their devotees too hope to gain these qualities by choosing one of Them as Patron.

Not every person will have one particular Patron Deity. Nor does having a Patron Deity mean you do not interact with other Deities. All forms of Personal Deity are aspects of Universal Deity, therefore They can never conflict -though people can conflict over Them, and They can appear to conflict if YOU believe They must.

Many people will have several Patron Deities. Sometimes all of these will be given equal status, other times there will be one principle Patron Deity, and other lesser Patrons. This is not unusual, and works perfectly well.

HOW DO I CHOOSE A PATRON DEITY? Actually, your Patron Deity will choose you.

The Deity will do this in one of several ways: you may be drawn to the name or image of the Deity, and not really know why. The image of the Deity of Its attributes (such as a totem animal) may show up in your life repeatedly. You may have a vision of the Deity. You may just "know."

Or you can choose a Patron because you admire that Deity, or wish to acquire Its qualities.

You can have as many Patron Deities as you need. Or you can have no Patron Deity at all -it is not required. As time passes you can add or change Patron Deities. They are there to help you, not to bind you.

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