Other Kinds Of Ritual Garment The Tabard

A tabard is a simple rectangle of cloth that hangs down the front and back of the body, but has no sides.The tabard is an ancient Celtic garment, essentially a very narrow poncho. In Celtic times they were worn; 1) to give extra warmth to the torso, when made of heavy fabric; 2) as an apron, to protect one's clothing, when made of a cheaper fabric; and 3) for added decoration on a formal occasion, when made of a dressy fabric.

In later times tabards were primarily used to display the insignia of an organization to which one belonged, rather like a kind of uniform. The most famous example of this that most people would be familiar with are the tabards worn by fiction's "Three Musketeers".

In Wiccan ritual it is not uncommon to see tabards used to indicate who will perform certain roles -as for example who will call which Quarter. They are also sometimes worn to indicate rank

(though if a Temple is using them to indicate rank, they will tell you). Sometimes too, tabards are worn purely for decoration.

Tabards are easy to make, and can be used to dress up a basic robe, or worn over street clothes in place of a robe.

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