Other Kinds Of Patron Deities

Not only do people have individual Patron Deities, but professions and other activities may have Patron Deities as well. There are many Patron Deities for education, for example, or for music. These too will correspond back to the Seven Great Powers -for example Sesheta, ancient Egyptian Goddess of writing and education, is a Maiden Goddess.

Moreover, individual festivals also have Patron Deities. Commonly these will be one or more of the Seven Great Powers, any of Whose individual forms will do. For example the Crone is Patron of Samhain, and may be invoced simply as the Crone or in the individual forms of Hekate, or Morrighan, or Hella -or many others. The Maiden Goddess is the Patron of Candlemas, and can be invoced as Maiden, or in individual forms such as the Irish Brighid.


An invocation then, is basically a kind of formal prayer. It may be directed to Universal Deity, to a Personal Deity or Patron Deity. It should come from the heart, and reflect genuine emotion.

When you invoce a Deity, you should imagine that Deity strongly. You may visualize the Deity in your mind, or imagine It manifesting before you. Some people visualize the Deity as amorphous light, or as a ball or column of light. Or they may imagine the light of Deity descending into a statue or picture of the Deity. All of these or any other visualization that helps you to focus on Deity's presence as you invoce It, is good.

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