An omen is a symbolic message from Spirit -that is to say the Goddess. Omens come in many forms, and can come at any time.

Probably the most famous example of an omen is the black cat crossing our path. Commonly understood as bad luck, it would be better and more accurate to describe this omen as a warning to be careful and avoid unnecessary risks.

Omens have been with us since the beginning. Some people think omens are SUPERSTITIONS, but if you understand that your connection to Goddess comes from within, then the idea of receiving messages from Goddess should not seem odd. And since the Spirit of the Goddess is within all things, all things can serve as Her messengers.

There are many traditional meanings for omens, and we have included some with this lesson. But in interpreting an omen it is more important to pay attention to what a symbol means TO YOU than what it may have meant to others. Since your connection to Goddess comes from inside, She certainly knows what things mean to you as an individual, and will use this knowledge to communicate with you. Thus, though tradition says that a spider seen in the morning warns of difficulties ahead, if you particularly love spiders or are a DEVOTEE of a spider Goddess such as Arachne or the Native American Grandmother Spider, the spider may have positive meaning for you no matter when you see it.

To take best advantage of the Goddess' ability to speak to you through omens, you should familiarize yourself with a wide variety of traditional symbols, as well as with things that have symbolic value for you. If you have developed a rich inner language of symbols that you will understand as omens, the Goddess' ability to communicate with you in this way is greatly expanded -whereas if you have only a few symbols to use, or a fuzzy understanding of what those symbols mean to you, your ability to receive omens is greatly lessened.

When people speak of omens, they are usually thinking of messages that come unbidden. But you can ask for an omen in response to a question too -this is divination.

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