Among the most common forms of preserving herbs is as an oil.

Oils are made from many different plants. The oil absorbs the qualities of the plant from which it is made. It will then impart these qualities to any person or object to which it is applied.

In this way the oil is used to promote such qualities as prosperity, romance, protection, creativity, psychic opening, and so forth.

This same technique can be used to create oils from crystals or gemstones. In this case the oil absorbs the qualities of the stone, and is otherwise used in the same manner as an herbal oil.

Once made an oil can be used in many different ways. The oil can be applied to the skin as a cologne, or dabbed on a handkerchief and carried, to bring it's metaphysical qualities around a person. Or it can be used to anoint a doorway, a piece of furniture, or added to a floorwash, to bring the oil's qualities to a home or place of business. The oil can be applied to a wallet, a letter, a sign, or other object, to impart the oil's qualities to them, increasing their effectiveness or output. In ritual oil is used to dress candles and ritual objects, to anoint participants, and sometimes dropped on hot charcoal as incense.

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