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The Circle of Art, or Magic Circle, is a fundamental part of modern Wiccan practice. The Magic Circle is cast at the beginning of most Wiccan ceremonies, to establish "Sacred Space," and to aid in the raising and focusing of energy. At the end of the ceremony, the Circle is opened, releasing the energy of the ritual so that it can become manifest in the physical world.

We use the term Sacred Space to indicate an area used for ritual or magic. An area becomes Sacred Space when it is specially prepared to aid in the Shift of Consciousness needed to connect with the Higher Self in magic or worship. It is from the level of our Higher Self that we are able to work magic. There are many ways to create Sacred Space, but all revolve around the idea of cleansing the area of Negative Energy which might hamper the working, and the erection of various Energy Constructs whose purpose is to intensify the energy being worked with.

The Magic Circle is such an Energy Construct. It is created from energy, shaped by thought and emotion. Though the Magic Circle has a strong symbolic aspect, it also has an objective reality which has a definite affect on the people inside the Circle. Because it is composed of concentrated energy, the Circle acts as a "Battery", giving extra energy to whatever is done inside it. Because it acts to focus the energy raised within it, the circle also tends to intensify that energy. In these ways the Circle magnifies the power of the people within it. It is this effect which is the principle purpose for its use.

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