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There are several pieces of jewelry which are associated with Wicca. All manner of necklaces, bracelets, and rings are readily available with Wiccan or Pagan themes or symbols, which can be worn by anyone. In addition, some Temples have special medallions, pins, or rings, which are available only to their members, and which may or may not symbolize rank. the exclusivity of such symbols should be respected, as a matter of good manners.

Moreover there are two particular pieces of jewelry which are commonly used to symbolize rank.

The first is the GARTER. The Garter is a piece of fabric or leather tied or buckled just above or below the knee, or the elbow. there are many variations on how the Garter should be made, what color it should be, etc... These details vary according to the Tradition one is dealing with. What is universal however is that the Garter represents the Third Degree, or High priesthood, and should only be worn by its' members.

The second item is the coronet or tiara. the coronet also represents the Third Degree, and should only be worn by Third Degree clergy or Second Degree Temple Heads. Many kinds of wreath or headband are worn for many reasons by many people in Wicca -especially floral wreaths. But the coronet is something distinct, usually made of metal and mounted with a moon, sun, or other symbol. Sometimes a coronet may be worn by someone taking part in a specific ritual or mystery play because of the role they are taking -but in that case coronet belongs to the role, and not to the person. Usually however the coronet is the reward of many years study and service, and should be left to those who have earned it.

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