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Now that we've talked about how energy transfer can be used, and a bit about how it works, you probably want to know how to do it. Energy transfer is accomplished by projecting energy from your body into someone elses. The energy is pulled in from the Universe, and channelled through your body to the recipient. Commonly the hands are used, the energy being focused through the Palm Chakras.

If you have been doing your exercises, you will already know how to focus energythrough your Palm Chakras. Imagine the energy projecting from your palms as a beam of light. Focus intensely upon this, and imagine it as clearly as possible. You are now transfering energy.

Energy can be injected through the Crown Chakra, or through any other Chakra. To determine where to send energy, you will want to scan the person's body. Certain places will feel "different" and these are the one's that need energy work. Also if a person is sick or injured in a certain area and just wants healing energy, you can send it directly into the place that hurts.

Energy can also be removed from the body. You do this by pulling the energy out, rather like a vacuum sweeper.

If you turn to the EXERCISES section of this lesson, you will find more detailed instructions for doing this kind of energy transfer.

Like anything else, practice makes perfect, and you should not expect to be proficient at once. Keep working with it, and you will master the technique.

Because energy transfer is not normaly thought of as a First Degree skill, our purpose here is only to review the basic ideas involved, and give an idea of what it's about. The techniques given in this lesson are very basic and introductory. You will learn much more about energy working if you go on to study for Second Degree, or you could study energy working independantly.

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