How To Charge A Talisman Or Amulet

A Talisman or Amulet may be charged quite simply in basically the same way that we would charge anything else.

The easiest way to do this is to hold the item in your hands, and visualize a ball of white light around it. As you do this, focus on the purpose to which the item is to be put. Concentrate upon that purpose, and imbue the item with that energy. In this way you add greater energy to it's native qualities.

There are also more complicated ways to do this. METHOD # 2

Begin by clearing and releasing all excess energy.

Place your hand over the item. Make three Tuathail or counterclockwise circles over the item, concentrating on removing any negativity from it. Say something to the effect of:

"Behold, I do cleanse and purify you, casting out from you any impurities which may lie within!"

Imagine yellow-white light pouring down from your hand into the item, and forcing out all negativity.

Now make three Deosil or clockwise circles with your hand over the item. Say something like: "And I do bless and consecrate you to this work!"

Visualize the item being filled with a clear, bluish white light. Imagine the item filling with this light until it shines as brightly as if there were a blue-white sun within it.

You have now cleansed and charged your object.

GOD OF THE MONTH YOUR DIVINE BODY "The Goddess is not Greater than the God

Nor is the God greater than the Goddess

But Both are equal

And Neither is complete with the Other."

This simple piece of liturgy sums up much of the Wiccan attitude toward life and the Divine.

As we learn in the Vangello Delle Streghe, the Goddess arose before all things -She is Spirit, the soul of the World, and of the Universe. All things which exist are given life by Her.

The Goddess created the God from Herself -He is part of Her: "Her Self and Her other Self'. As the Goddess is Spirit, the inner force behind all life, so the God is the outer form and process of living, through which Spirit expresses Herself.

Neither is complete without the other. Form without soul is dead. But soul without expression is stagnant.

Many people believe that the soul has more value than the body, and that spiritual growth must be at the expense of the physical self. For this reason ASCETICS have practiced self denial and personal mutilation, hoping that they could leave the physical world behind.

The Correllian however would say that the body is the vehicle through which Spirit is expressed, and thus is sacred and to be loved. We believe that it is through the union of Goddess and God -of Spirit and physical expression- that life goes forward. Neither is complete, and thus Neither is happy, without the Other.

We began our GOD OF THE MONTH segments with the Genius-Juno -your own, Divine, soul. We end it with your equally Divine body. Your body, and the life you are living through it, is an expression of Spirit, of Goddess. It is holy. Goddess and God come together in the union of your soul and its physical expression. Therefor honor it.

In the Great Rite the Athame is conjoined to the Chalice. This represents the physical consciously uniting with the spiritual. You are yourself, in every moment of your life, the Great Rite personified.

Your soul -your Higher Self- deserves your reverence, even as do the Cosmic powers of Goddess and God, for you are part of Them. Likewise revere your body and your life path, for these are your most concrete expressions of the Divine, and the way in which you can most effect the Universe for the better. Do not underestimate the importance of this, or take it for less than the miracle it is. All of existence, the Goddess and God and all the Universe has existed to bring you to this place in this moment in this body -the moment of creation is NOW. It is always now. And your physical expression, perfected to this point through thousands of lifetimes, gives you the capacity to take part in creation.

Hear then the words of Krystel High-Correll, First Priestess and paramount head of the Correllian Tradition:

"Holy is my body and beautiful Wise are its instincts and desires Body I honor your instincts Body I honor your desires."

Light a white candle to honor your body -your physical expression of your part of Divinity. Anoint your body with essential oil chosen for the pleasure of its scent. Repeat the wise words of Lady Krystel as an affirmation of your body's holiness and remember -You are God experiencing Herself.

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