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The body is composed of energy. This energy is regulated by energy centers commonly called CHAKRAS or PLEXI. There are thousands of such Chakras throughout the body, connected by MERIDIANS or energy pathways. When several of these small Chakras work together they form a larger Chakra with several levels. There are many of these larger Chakras throughout the body as well.

In doing energy work you may work with any of these small or larger Chakras. But you are more likely to work with one of the seven so-called Major Chakras, which we have described in earlier lessons. Each of these Major Chakras is actually a network of many lesser Chakras, grouped together to form a single unit. Because of this the Major Chakras have many different levels, which may be developed differently in different people, depending upon their experiences.

Energy flows from one Chakra to another by means of the Meridians. The ways in which the energy flows through the Chakras are called CIRCUITS. There are several such circuits, which have different qualities and purposes.

We have already spoken about the SOLAR CIRCUIT in LESSON #3. The Solar Circuit, based in the Solar Chakra, is the energy system which keeps the body's basic functions going. The Solar Circuit is fueled by the inexhaustable energy of the soul, and runs automatically -like breathing. We don't have to do anything to get or keep the Solar Circuit going, but we can inject extra energy into it, usually through the Heart Chakra.

The second energy circuit we will discuss is the LUNAR CIRCUIT. Based in the Root Chakra the Lunar Circuit is the circuit commonly studied by Hindu systems, and sometimes refered to as the KUNDALINI system. Unlike the Solar Circuit, the Lunar Circuit is not automatic, and can only be engaged through study and training. The Lunar Circuit is used to perform high level magic, or "miracles", and is capable of acheiving incredible results -but it can also be very dangerous and hard to handle, and so should only be used with care. Unlike the Solar Circuit the Lunar Circuit must be deliberately started and stopped, and does not run constantly but is only used for short periods of time.

The third energy circuit of the body is called the STELLAR CIRCUIT. The Stellar Circuit is primarily used to receive energy into the body. Based in the Crown Chakra, the Stellar Circuit is used to receive many kinds of energy, but especially energy programed for communication: This is the circuit by which channelled messages are received and through which clairvoyance operates. It is particularly important for dealing with Ancestors and Spirit Guides. Like the Lunar Circuit the Stellar Circuit is not automatic, but must be specifically started and stopped. The Stellar Circuit is also often used for healing.

Whenever you put energy into another person, or receive it into yourself, the energy will enter one of these circuits. At a beginning level it is not especially important that you know which circuit is being used, as the energy will naturally go where it is needed. Later you will learn to differentiate between them.

The energy of the soul goes well beyond that of the body. Most commonly this is perceived as an AURA -that is to say an envelope of energy surrounding the body. A healthy Aura extends several feet in all directions around the physical body, but is easiest for the beginner to detect within a few inches of the skin. An accomplished clairvoyant can tell a great deal about the state of a persons energy by the colors and patterns in their Aura. For the beginner the temperature and sensations associated with the Aura will be more easily read. It is through the Aura that we can locate blockages in the Chakra system.

A common technique of energy work is to fill the aura with light. The color and qualities of the light used determine the nature of the effect. This technique can be used for shielding, for strengthening, for healing or cleansing, or for many other uses. If you have been doing the exercises which accompany these lessons, then you will have learned how to do this for yourself -but through energy transfer you can do it for others as well.

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